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15th June, 2023

It’s the week for a round up of the more dressy looks I’ve worn of late. Events, interviews and work commitments have given me the perfect excuse to break out a few of my fave pieces, plus some new additions. The theme seems to be that I’m in my suiting season right now, as I cannot get enough of this style staple. The great thing about it is that it can be worn in so many different iterations, so whether it’s a traditional suit or a vest and pants set there’s nothing a suit can’t work for. Here’s what I wore this week.

Credits: Top, Alaia; Pants, SIR, Heels, Giuseppe Zanotti; Sunglasses, Poppy Lissiman

Alaia have released an ‘Editions’ collection which features designs from their archives dating from 1981 – 2017 and this ultra flattering bodysuit is from that range. It’s on the exxy side but the quality and fit is amazing. It’s made from a stretch knit which is comfy and achieves a really smooth line, while the off the shoulder silhouette is one of my faves as it’s ultra flattering. I wore this with a simple pair of black trousers from SIR and Giuseppe Zanotti heels. You can’t beat an all black ensemble for hitting all the right notes when it comes to looking polished.

Credits: Jacket and pants, Rebecca Vallance; Heels, Witchery

I love a suiting moment of any kind and Rebecca Vallance always does a great suit. This oatmeal coloured set feels very fresh and modern and gives this suit a lightweight feel. I like the fact suits are able to be worn in so many different ways to change up their look and feel, and this time around I decided to wear the jacket buttoned up to act as more of a top rather than a jacket. However a quick addition of a white tank underneath plus white sneakers and it immediately gives it an on trend vibe. The versatility factor definitely contributes to my love of suiting.

Credits: Vest and pants, Seed; Heels, Bottega Veneta

I do like the current trend of vests worn with tailored pants which gives a suit a more modern spin. Hot tip: check out Seed’s tailored options. I got this set from there and it definitely has the upmarket feel of bespoke tailoring minus the price tag. I wore this with my Bottega Veneta heels to give it a more feminine vibe, but if I wanted to dress it down I could definitely get away with wearing this set with sneakers.

Credits: Dress, Camilla and Marc; Heels, Giuseppe Zanotti

I was doing a try on session at Camilla and Marc and came upon this super cute dress. I love the ruching detail down the middle which adds a point of interest while the maxi hem gives it an elegant feel. I went with a simple pair of heels in this instance as I liked its understated vibe.


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