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What I Wore: The Summer Suit

5th December, 2023

Suiting in summer? Absolutely. You don’t have to relegate a suit to something for cooler temperatures with vests very much on trend this season. A sleeveless option, worked back with pants still embodies the sleek, polished feel of suiting but minus the overheating element! Since we’re due to have quite a hot summer, it’s a great look to turn to when you need something dressy for an event or simply want to summer-fy office attire. This set by Sir has been on repeat in my closet as it works for so many different occasions. It’s a favourite of mine as the longline vest feels a little more sleek than a typical waistcoat, and worked back with a matching pant, the outfit embraces the tailored feel of a suit.

I worked the above set back with a pair of strappy Bottega Veneta heels to give my outfit more of an event vibe, plus it helps to add more of a fashion element rather than it looking too corporate. A pop of colour in the form of a structured crossbody by Longchamp and cat eye sunglasses by Poppy Lissiman and is one way to give a playful edge to a suit in the summer time.

Credits: Vest and pants, Sir; Bag, Longchamp; Heels, Bottega Veneta; Sunglasses Poppy Lissiman

Photography: Ashleigh Larden


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What I Wore: Stripe Out

28th November, 2023

Printed dresses are the kind of one-and-done look that’s perfect for easy summer dressing. I’ve found that a dress with a striking print really doesn’t need much in terms of extra fixings to make it an outfit. This Husk dress, is one such example of how a great print can speak volumes. The ruffled neckline adds a feminine touch, and works well to strike a balance with the boldness of the zebra print. I’ve worn pieces by the brand Husk a number of times and they’re all great staples that have breezed into my outfit rotation without missing a beat.

I always tend to dial down my accessories when I’m working with an eye-catching print as I don’t want my outfit to be visually overwhelming, the print is enough! I stuck to an almost all black colour palette for this particular outfit (it helped tie everything together with the black stripes), adding my fave pair of Bottega Veneta heels and a classic mini Gucci bamboo top handle bag. Topped with cat eye Poppy Lissiman sunglasses, this is my definition of a go-to look for summer.

Credits: Dress, Husk; Bag, Gucci; Heels, Bottega Veneta; Sunglasses, Poppy Lissiman

Photography: Ashleigh Larden

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What I Wore: After Dark

14th September, 2023

Little black dresses are an essential to most wardrobes. It’s definitely an integral part of mine. I find a great LBD is a lifesaver during those times where you’re a little unsure about what to wear but you just need a failsafe option that will deliver. This mini dress by Bayse is all kinds of perfect for that reason — it’s an ultra sleek design with clean lines making it a bit of a style chameleon. You can dress it up or down, but I’ve always found a long sleeved black dress to be a shortcut to looking chic. The mini hemline however gives it a bit of sexiness, making it perfect as an after dark look. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this for party season, and it’s an easy go-to for event wear. I like the fact I can add a different shoe or pop on some extra accessories and I can change up its look and feel.

Speaking of accessories, I went for simple as I liked the minimalist vibe of the dress. I added a pair of Bottega Veneta heels to elongate my frame (a mini plus heels = looonger looking legs) and level up the dress for an event. A diminutive structured bag by Gucci complete with the iconic bamboo handle helped to add a bit of a statement piece to this look, and give it a little extra personality. I topped it off classic black frames to make this outfit day ready, but it’s certainly ready to head into a night time event without missing a beat.

Credits: Dress, Bayse; Heels, Bottega Veneta; Bag, Gucci; Sunglasses, Vehla

Photography: Ashleigh Larden


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What I wore: Urban Jungle

30th August, 2023

If I had to pick a weekly “uniform” that works time after time it has to be jeans and a white shirt. I wear this combination so regularly as it’s easy, looks effortless and is usually something I already have on hand at all times. I’m always happy to welcome any iteration of denim and a white shirt combination into my wardrobe so I was thrilled to receive this tank and jeans from my friend, stylist Elliot Garnaut’s recent collaboration with the brand Bayse. The jeans are a great straight leg style, that’s just a touch baggy which gives it a bid of edge. Also, I love the fact it’s a dark indigo wash — most of my jeans are usually a lighter blue/white/black so this is a great new addition to fill that gap. A tank is something I always like to have in my closet as it’s great to wear on its own or layer with other pieces.

I dressed up this outfit with a pair of Bottega Veneta heels which just goes to show that you can do a tank and denim and still look put together. I opted for my beige Fendi Peekaboo bag to add a touch of polish. It’s a great shape as it’s structured enough to look dressy but the leather is relaxed and soft enough so it doesn’t feel too done. A smattering of gold accessories and a pair of sunnies and this uniform was good to go.

Credits: Tank and jeans, Bayse by Elliot Garnaut; Heels, Bottega Veneta; Bag, Fendi

Photography: Ashleigh Larden


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What I wore this week

15th June, 2023

It’s the week for a round up of the more dressy looks I’ve worn of late. Events, interviews and work commitments have given me the perfect excuse to break out a few of my fave pieces, plus some new additions. The theme seems to be that I’m in my suiting season right now, as I cannot get enough of this style staple. The great thing about it is that it can be worn in so many different iterations, so whether it’s a traditional suit or a vest and pants set there’s nothing a suit can’t work for. Here’s what I wore this week.

Credits: Top, Alaia; Pants, SIR, Heels, Giuseppe Zanotti; Sunglasses, Poppy Lissiman

Alaia have released an ‘Editions’ collection which features designs from their archives dating from 1981 – 2017 and this ultra flattering bodysuit is from that range. It’s on the exxy side but the quality and fit is amazing. It’s made from a stretch knit which is comfy and achieves a really smooth line, while the off the shoulder silhouette is one of my faves as it’s ultra flattering. I wore this with a simple pair of black trousers from SIR and Giuseppe Zanotti heels. You can’t beat an all black ensemble for hitting all the right notes when it comes to looking polished.

Credits: Jacket and pants, Rebecca Vallance; Heels, Witchery

I love a suiting moment of any kind and Rebecca Vallance always does a great suit. This oatmeal coloured set feels very fresh and modern and gives this suit a lightweight feel. I like the fact suits are able to be worn in so many different ways to change up their look and feel, and this time around I decided to wear the jacket buttoned up to act as more of a top rather than a jacket. However a quick addition of a white tank underneath plus white sneakers and it immediately gives it an on trend vibe. The versatility factor definitely contributes to my love of suiting.

Credits: Vest and pants, Seed; Heels, Bottega Veneta

I do like the current trend of vests worn with tailored pants which gives a suit a more modern spin. Hot tip: check out Seed’s tailored options. I got this set from there and it definitely has the upmarket feel of bespoke tailoring minus the price tag. I wore this with my Bottega Veneta heels to give it a more feminine vibe, but if I wanted to dress it down I could definitely get away with wearing this set with sneakers.

Credits: Dress, Camilla and Marc; Heels, Giuseppe Zanotti

I was doing a try on session at Camilla and Marc and came upon this super cute dress. I love the ruching detail down the middle which adds a point of interest while the maxi hem gives it an elegant feel. I went with a simple pair of heels in this instance as I liked its understated vibe.


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What I Wore: Sheer Delight

30th May, 2023

There’s something alluring about wearing something sheer but it’s always tricky trying to figure out how to style it while still maintaining your modesty. Unless the designer has already thought of it for you, of course. Such is the case with this gorgeous Willow blouse. The built in panel is perfect as it maintains the sheer effect without having to fuss around trying to figure out what you’re going to wear underneath. It also makes for the ideal top to pair with tailored pants, as the flash of skin helps break up the dark colours and avoids the entire ensemble from looking too heavy. Also if you don’t have a pair already, definitely invest in a pair of dark slacks. They’re on point this season and can be worn out to dinner to an event or a day in the office. It’s definitely the kind of style that’s extremely versatile and worth the investment.

Shoes are always a key consideration when you’re working an outfit the works with dark hues as you need a hit of lightness. A closed shoe in black may have been a little too heavy for this, so I went for a pair of strappy Bottega Veneta heels instead. The straps and open style add an element of interest and the fact you can see some skin, much like the blouse avoids this look from being a little too dark. A quilted Chanel bag is always a welcome addition to any look, and adds a sophisticated finishing touch.

Credits: Blouse, pants, Willow; Heels, Bottega Veneta; Bag, Chanel

Photography: Ashleigh Larden



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What I Wore: David Jones at Melbourne Fashion Festival

20th March, 2023

Throwback to this green dream at the David Jones runway show earlier in the month. I always make a point of wearing a designer available at David Jones whenever I attend one of their shows, and this time around it was all about Rachel Gilbert. I’ve worn her designs to several different occasions (a wedding, my mum’s birthday, the races… just to name a few) and love that each gown always has plenty of wow factor. In this instance it was all about this vibrant green hue. How gorgeous is it? Wearing colour is always one of my favourite ways to make a statement with my look. This hue is vivid and punchy, which made for a great option for an after dark event. The elegant long length silhouette is quite understated, but I love how the origami like folds add a touch of drama and also a textural element. Also who else is really loving one shoulder necklines? I’m a huge fan so it was another feature that drew me to this dress. It’s also perfect for summer dressing, particularly when it comes to balmy nights. Additionally I can’t resist a thigh high split for some added oomph!

When it comes to green, I always find either gold or black to be a great match when it comes to shoes and accessories. So in this instance I opted for my black Bottega Veneta heels and a jewelled black Miu Miu clutch to punctuate the look. When it comes to dress like this, I think a less is more approach to accessorising is key.

Credit: Dress, Rachel Gilbert; Heels, Bottega Veneta

Photography: Liz Sunshine


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Bottega Veneta Stretch sandal: Are they worth it?

20th March, 2023

Bottega Veneta has become the brand to watch, and has definitely had a resurgence since former creative director Daniel Lee gave the Italian brand a modern spin. And if there’s a designer shoe that’s become uber popular over the last few years, it’s the Bottega Veneta Stretch sandal. The silhouette’s become a signature for Bottega Veneta, with the square toe and the crossover and dual straps, and was quickly adopted by the fashion set with its twist on the traditional heel shape and style. Currently they retail for $1460, so they’re a definite splurge purchase.

So, given the price tag and also how popular they are, are these shoes really worth it? I purchased them around two years ago as I loved the silhouette and they’ve had plenty of outings since then (it’s not uncommon for me to wear them multiple times a month). I also am often on my feet a lot while wearing them as I usually wear them to events so comfort was definitely a consideration.

I consider my shoe purchases carefully, particularly when they’re on the expensive side of the shopping scale, so here’s my take on this particular style. Read on if they’re on your wish list…

Do they run true to size?

Yes, I wear my regular size.

How versatile is it?

Really versatile. I’ve worn these heels to multiple occasions, from the races to work events, to meetings and social occasions.

Which colour is the most versatile?

I have the black pair and I’m so glad I got this colour as it’s easy to work it back with multiple looks. This style comes in other colours like nude, white, gold, silver, pink, blue so there are definitely loads of options but black has lots of versatility.

Are they comfortable?

Yes, they’re definitely one of my more comfortable high heels.

What is the wear and tear like?

I wear them all the time and they have lasted really well.

Would you buy them again?

I’ve had them a long time so I feel if I was to lose them or something, I would probably mix it up and try something new. However, I’ve found them to be worth the splurge as I wear them all the time.


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What I Wore: Penfolds dinner

14th March, 2023

You can’t get more special than attending a private dinner on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I was so exited to attend a dinner hosted by my gorgeous sister-in-law Rey at Penfolds x Luke Mangan’s Table located atop the South-East pylon on the bridge. It was a super intimate venue and to enjoy such a stunning view with friends accompanied by delicious food made for such a memorable evening.

My outfit was of course something I was keen to put together. I ended up wanting to do something comfortable yet dressy and ended up deciding on this Viktoria and Woods ensemble. The navy bustier is right on trend right now and I felt it was elegant yet had a hint of boldness to it. I wore them with a pair of dark navy pants, with the bustier tucked in. I liked the silhouette it achieved, plus the hint of skin with the bustier was perfect for an evening occasion. I decided to keep things really simple with my hair slicked back into a bun, with a pair of gold statement earrings to add a touch of drama. The cap things off, I went with my fave black Bottega Veneta heels which complemented my navy ensemble, but added just a hint of contrast.

Credits: Bustier and pants, Viktoria and Woods; Heels, Bottega Veneta; Earrings, Aje


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What I wore this week

23rd February, 2023

It’s been busy getting back into the swing of things so it’s been awhile between outfit posts. However I’m back sharing a few of my fave looks of late. I’m still making the most of the warm weather, but we have been met with a chilly day or two in Sydney, so it’s been the perfect opportunity to elevate looks with the addition of a crisp blazer. I’ve also been taking the opportunity to play around with accessories, from sunglasses to statement jewellery and on trend footwear, it has been a fun week wardrobe-wise. Here’s what I wore.

Credits: Swimsuit, Bondi Born; Pants, Tory Burch; Slides, Hermes; Bag, Strathberry

I’ve had these printed Tory Burch pants for a few years and always love pulling them out in spring/summer as the print is so vibrant and fun. I tend to bring them whenever I’m on holiday because they’re a great go-to to brighten up an outfit. I decided to pair them with a black Bondi Born one piece to add a sleek touch, and yellow Hermes slides to add an extra hit of colour.

Credits: Blazer, Henne; T-shirt, Uniqlo; Jeans, Slvrlake; Shoes and bag, Chanel; Sunglasses, Bottega Veneta

There’s nothing like popping a blazer on over an otherwise casual look to add a hint of polish. This neutral blazer is a great one to have on hand as it feels light and airy for summer, but still feels very put together. Jeans and a white tee is always a classic combination and features heavily in my wardrobe rotation, while neutral Chanel Dad sandals add an on trend touch.

Credits: Blazer (similar here), Balmain; Vest and pants, Staud; Thongs, Billini; Bag, Chanel

Who says you can’t wear black during summer? I often wear this set when I want to do loungewear but with an elevated vibe. This look is supremely comfy, but popping a black blazer on over the top makes it ready for a meeting or other work appointment. Black thongs add a summery vibe, but also an on trend touch and a Chanel backpack adds a luxe touch.

Credits: Shirt and pants, Aje; Bag, Strathberry; Sunglasses, Ray Ban

I love embracing colour during summer and this set by Aje is a total winner. The bold sunflower print adds a vivid touch, but also looks playful and is perfect for sunny days. In keeping with the bright pops of colour with this co-ord set, I went with a yellow Strathberry crossbody bag to complement the hues in the print, and also keep the look cohesive by playing in the same colour family. Once again, a matching set is my go-to shortcut for making a look feel effortless yet polished.

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