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What to wear on your next flight

29th May, 2022

Whether it’s for a holiday or for work I’ve found myself in transit enough times that I’ve managed to lock down the key pieces that I will always travel with, including what I will wear. My criteria is always comfort above all else (being stuck on a long haul flight constantly readjusting our outfit is no fun) while still maintaining an element of polish. If I’ve managed to tick both those boxes then I’m a happy traveller. If you’re about to head off on a trip (how good is being able to travel again?!) check out my travel outfit checklist below to ensure that you’re nailing airport style.

My travel outfit checklist

Natural fabrics

You want to wear clothes in fabrics that will breathe. This is really helpful when you’re dealing with the unpredictable temperatures on a plane. Often you can find yourself dealing with arctic temperatures one minute and feeling really hot the next so natural fabrics such as cashmere and wool are great as they can keep you warm without risking overheating.

Cosy, cosy, cosy

I will always opt for soft cosy garments when I’m travelling as there’s nothing like snuggling into a warm cardi or oversized sweater when you’re settling in for an inflight movie (or in my case tending to two little girls). I also particularly love flying in dresses and popping on a cardi over the top as there’s a certain freedom of movement that comes with it. I don’t mind wearing jeans or relaxed fit lounge pants either but dresses have become a go-to.

I always pack a cosy sweater whenever I fly

Go crease-proof when you can

Linen is wonderful but it is a nightmare to fly in as you’ll inevitably always look like a crumpled mess. Go for cashmere or a great knit which will likely stand up to hours of flying. If you want to wear cotton that has a chance of getting wrinkled be sure to have something you can pop on over the top such as a cardigan when you disembark at your destination.

Opt for fuss-free and hands-freeĀ 

A backpack or a crossbody bag is one of the best things you can carry when travelling as they will keep your hands free. Also don’t bring a bag that has a million buckles or zippers to get into it. You don’t want to be having to constantly deal with them when you’re trying to access things such as your passport and boarding pass.

Pack a scarf

I always travel with a pashmina or a large scarf as it can double as a blanket if I get cold. It’s also great for popping on over an outfit to instantly dial up the chic factor.

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