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The basics every woman should own

30th October, 2022


There are some principles that I maintain when it comes to fashion. I always invest in quality pieces, everything has to be versatile and work back with what I already own and the end result always has to be polished. However by far the one thing that I can’t get dressed without is an arsenal of good basics. These are the building blocks of most of my looks. I can add accessories to liven things up or pair them with great jacket but ultimately they form the basis of almost everything I wear.

Over the years I’ve found that there are key basics that my wardrobe just wouldn’t function without. Essentially most of my outfits are aided by any one of the below items on a day to day basis and having them on hand means less outfit dilemmas for me. It’s been a process of trial and error, but this is what I’ve found are the building blocks of a great wardrobe. Feel free to add to the list!

A white t-shirt

The perfect white tee is a necessity. It’s something that you’ll reach for in your wardrobe time and time again. It pays to go in search of one that’s the right fit, length and cut to ensure that it suits you perfectly.

Singlets in staple colours

Grab one singlet in white and one in black and I guarantee that you’ll end up wearing both repeatedly. Much like the white tee it’s the perfect item for layering and will become a welcome addition to your closet.

Oversized cardigan

A cosy cardi in a neutral tone (I particularly love grey but white, navy and black are also good options) is guaranteed to see you through winter and the tricky trans-seasonal period when the weather can be a little unpredictable. Invest in one made from quality wool or cashmere and I guarantee you’ll have it for seasons to come.

V-neck jumper

I’ve found that out of all the different jumper styles out there the v-neck is the most flattering. When it comes to jumpers the same principle for the cardi applies—choose one in a neutral tone and made from wool or cashmere. Personally I always buy jumpers a size or two bigger because I don’t like anything too tight.

Lounge pants

It’s time to elevate your lounge wear. When I’m at home I live in either cotton, cashmere or wool lounge pants and I’ve found that they can easily go from being in the house to out without having to do much. This is great for those times when I just need to quickly duck to the shops and don’t really feel like changing.


Whatever your denim style, a pair of lived in jeans that you can turn to constantly will give you plenty of outfit options when it comes to dressing for your down time. There are plenty of options available out there (I’m definitely a skinny jeans girl) so make sure you try on as many pairs as possible until you find the perfect fit. If you need a little help denim shopping check out my guide here.

Leather pants

While they may not be for everyone, I wanted to add them to the list as these are definitely one of my staples because they’re just so comfortable. I’ve found that a pair in a leggings style are the most versatile but there are so many different variations that it pays to hunt around for one that will work with your wardrobe the best.

Great underwear

I recently posted about how important underwear is to an outfit so make sure that you stock up on comfy, flattering underwear. Look at your lingerie drawer and be honest with yourself —is it filled with quality pieces or are you still clinging to your old faithfuls that are hanging on by a thread? If it’s the latter it might be time to consider an upgrade. You don’t necessarily need anything fancy but it definitely has to be able to work with multiple garments and provide support in all the right places.

What are some of the wardrobe basics you can’t live without?

10 ways to rework a white shirt

28th October, 2022

White shirts are the kind of wardrobe staple that can be worked in endless ways. This makes them an absolute must in any closet because when armed with a single white shirt you can create myriad looks. White works back with virtually any hue making it the ultimate style chameleon, and the style is the kind that can be dressed up (or really dressed up such as this iconic look Sharon Stone wore to the Oscars) or ultra dressed down thrown over a bikini at the beach. It’s seriously one of the few pieces in a woman’s wardrobe that can be worn virtually anywhere—work, dinner, at home, on the school run, out with friends, to a picnic… the list goes on.

If I’ve yet to convince you of the sartorial super powers that a white shirt has, then check out the looks below. I’ve found 10 different ways to rework a single white shirt, each achieving a different look and feel. You’ll find yourself with a fresh new appreciation for such a classic piece.

Tie it up

This look can either look ultra sexy or ultra sweet depending on what you pair it with—and both work! You could try an evening look such as the one below, by teaming a white shirt with a skirt or pants and wearing it cropped and worked back with a sexy heel. Alternatively you could opt for a denim shorts or a printed skirt and sneakers and you have yourself a look that channels casual and cute.


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Layer underneath other pieces

In winter you could wear a white shirt paired with a sleeveless vest or even a jumper, whilst in summer you could easily channel a little 90s style by popping a shirt on under a slip dress. Try subbing a white shirt in in instances where you’d usually wear a white long sleeved or short sleeved tee and you’ll be surprised at how it can magically transform the entire look of an outfit.


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Tucked in

One of the most eternally classic and polished ways to wear a white shirt is to wear it tucked in. It looks sharp and sleek and can instantly make a look feel put together. You could wear a white shirt like this when paired with jeans, a tailored trouser, a skirt or shorts making it one of the easiest and versatile ways to style a white shirt.


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Tucked out

If tucked in isn’t your thing you could always go for something a little more relaxed and wear it out. I think this look can work really well when you’re playing with volume—a white shirt paired with a pair of wide leg pants achieves that perfect amalgamation of casual and cool. Or you could wear it with a skirt like the look below and go for something that’s a little more fun.


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Roll up the sleeves

This is without a doubt one of the simplest ways to rework a white shirt. Simply rolling up the sleeves can change the whole look and feel of a white shirt, cutting through its ultra polished nature and making it a touch more accessible and relaxed.


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Button all the way up

Doing up the buttons on a shirt all the way up can change the way a white shirt presents in the same way not doing up all the buttons on can feel more relaxed. It evokes a more sophisticated vibe and is a simple way to transform the same white shirt time and time again.


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Use it as a cover up

This is one of my fave iterations of a white shirt. It looks impossibly chic when you throw on a white shirt nonchalantly over a swimsuit, plus it read effortless. No fussing around with cover ups, just throw on and you’re done. If you want to dial up the glam stakes you could pop on a pair of statement earrings or wear a silk scarf as a headband or a bandana.

Wear it all the way open

Who says you have to button up a shirt? You could wear it open over a crop for a slightly edgier look such as the one below. Alternatively you could also wear it with tailored trousers and a white tank a la this look by The Row. Either way it’s yet another easy way to transform a humble white shirt into a bonafide trend item.


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Pair it with shorts or bike pants

Yes, your fave white shirt will play very nicely with your fave pair of shorts or bike pants. It’s yet another way to do a high/low look that reads: so very cool. Plus there’s no doubting that the comfort ratings of an outfit such as that are through the roof!


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Let the sleeves peek through

Even a simple styling trick such as having the cuffs and a bit of the sleeve showing through when you’re wearing a blazer can change up even the most tired white shirt. Plus you can do this and work it back with so many existing pieces in your closet so you can get maximum wearability from it.


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What are some of your favourite ways to wear a white shirt?


How I refresh my denim looks

17th September, 2022

There’s nothing quite so trusty and reliable as denim. I am guaranteed to wear jeans at least once or twice a week and it’s one of my fave outfit shortcuts when I just want to cruise through the morning and not really have to worry about styling an outfit. Denim always works! The flip side of wearing denim so frequently is that sometimes I do feel the need to refresh what I’m wearing and experiment a little to change up my usual rotation of looks. Injecting a little newness into my outfits involving jeans is something I try and do every so often and here are a few of my tried and tested denim tips…

Play with volume and silhouettes

The great thing about denim is that it works with pretty much everything. I’ll often play with different tops of different volumes and silhouettes to pair with my go-to style of high waisted straight leg denim. I’ll go from a slightly more on trend look like the puffed sleeved blouse I’m wearing above, to a crisp white shirt, a sleek fitting bodysuit or a white tee and they all look great paired with classic blue denim.

Incorporate polished pieces

Gone are the days where denim was strictly casual. These days you could easily wear jeans out to dinner as much as you could wearing them out and about to do errands. The key is to pair jeans with polished pieces to elevate it. This could be a pair of statement earrings, a really beautiful heel, a great bag… by working jeans back with items that have polish you can create a cohesive look that’s also fitting to wear to an occasion.

At Fashion Week having a white denim moment

Experiment with styles

There are so many denim styles out there right now it would be a shame not to try them out! I do favour a straight leg and high waist more often than not, but I do have a couple of different jean styles that are totally different. I’ve got a pair of skinnies that I wear all the time, the same with wide leg style and I also love white denim for its freshness and they’re just perfect in spring/summer. If you want to refresh your denim looks, definitely start by adding a different style to your favourites.

Embrace the classics

I often work denim back with tried and tested classics, like a black blazer or trench to dress them up and refresh them. A trusty pair of jeans can instantly look so different when you pair it with style staples that are guaranteed to elevate it. While I love jeans and a tee as much as the next person, sometimes I will add a striking jacket or coat to inject a little extra personality.

What are some of your favourite ways to refresh denim?



Good wardrobe habits to get into

7th August, 2022

Adopting a few good wardrobe habits will make getting dressed every day a whole lot easier

Every woman wants to look polished and put together however let’s be honest, this takes work. I know everyone has such busy schedules so sometimes trying to style the ideal outfit first thing in the morning can be the last thing you want to think about. The ideal outfit won’t just magically put itself together so if you want to save yourself a bit of time and effort there are a few habits you can adopt to make it a whole lot easier to look great each time you walk out the door.

Keep your wardrobe tidy

Having to dig through a disorganised mess to locate just the right t-shirt or the skirt you want to wear makes for a stressful time. So, start tidying up. It sounds simple but making sure to fold and hang clothes in an orderly manner so you know where absolutely everything is will make it much, much easier to pull an outfit together. If you want some hints on how to get started I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite organisation tips here.

Choose a focal point

Centre your outfit around one particular piece. By deciding to choose a central piece then you give yourself a starting point from which to build from. Whether it’s a pair of showstopper shoes or a statement jacket or a particularly gorgeous necklace, each outfit should have a point of difference that makes it stand out.

Choosing one aspect of your look to focus on will help you build a cohesive outfit

Do a final mirror check

It may sound obvious but before you walk out the door quickly check that everything works. That means making sure that your shoes, bag, accessories and outfit are all playing nicely together. For example sometimes you may think a certain pair of earrings will look great with an outfit but taking one last look when you’re dressed may make you think otherwise.

Repair or get rid of damaged clothing

As soon as something needs repairing do it straight away. Procrastinating may mean that you might find yourself in a rush with a particular blouse in mind only to find it’s missing a button which means double the stress! If something can’t be repaired bin it straight away. It’s important that your clothes are in great shape if you want to look polished.

Follow laundry instructions

Yes, it can be tempting to ignore the tags on your clothes but following laundry instructions are going to ensure your clothes look great but also for longer.

Hang up your clothes at the end of the day

Getting home after a long day it can be easy to just dump your clothes on the nearest chair and forget about them till later in the week. However this will only lead to a rumpled mess that will require more effort to fix later on. Hang up garments such as jackets and blouses straight away to ensure they’re ready for use the next time you want to wear them.

What are some habits that have really helped you with you wardrobe?

What I Wore

This is one of my forever fashion staples and here’s 3 ways I love to wear it

13th April, 2022

The black blazer is such a wonderful, useful addition to any wardrobe. I’ve worn mine at so many different occasions, in myriad ways and each and every time it helps to elevate an outfit and helps tie it all together in an elegant way. If you’ve yet to discover the joys of how versatile a black blazer can be then you’ve come to the right place because hand on heart, it really is one of my forever fashion staples. I couldn’t imagine a functional wardrobe without it. And whether you’re looking for a look that’s ultra dressy or something appropriate for the school run, a black blazer can definitely step in seamlessly in either of those scenarios—and more. So, here are three ways to wear a black blazer to help start your love affair (or maybe just help you rediscover it once again).

Elevated Polish

A classic black blazer is such a great option for an evening event. It’s polished, elegant and works back with so many pieces from a dress to a skirt and trousers. In this instance I went for black trousers, and wore this look as a suit but with the jacket buttoned up. You could also opt to wear a cami or a beautiful blouse or shirt underneath. I am really loving the trend towards suiting as after dark wear, particularly for events and it’s a nice way to mix it up from my usual go-to dresses. A suit definitely requires a great heel, and classic pointy pumps are always a good option. This is a great alternative to an LBD for an event, it feels fresh and modern, yet refined at the same time.

Edgy Casual

I’d wear this type of look if I was heading out to a shoot or a fashion showing for a brand. Most things I wear in the day have to be dressy enough for a meeting but comfortable enough to pick up my girls from school. A black blazer is such a great shortcut for making a comfy outfit look more polished, as you can easily pop it on over something casual like a tee and skirt and it instantly feels elevated. I opted for a sturdy boot in this instance which ticks a trend box but is also something I could walk around the whole day in, while an accessory such as a crossbody bag adds to the look’s practicality.

Smart Casual

Jeans and a white shirt worked back with a black blazer is about as classic as you can get. I would pair this ensemble with heels and a piece of statement jewellery if I was heading out for lunch with friends, but if I wanted to wear it on the weekend while out and about I would just switch out the heels for a comfy flat like white sneakers or a sandal.

Photography: Ashleigh Larden


How to style a jumpsuit

27th October, 2021

A jumpsuit is often one of those things where you either love them or hate them. I fall into the former camp as I think they’re a lot of fun to wear and can really make a statement without having to fuss around with trying to match tops and bottoms. I also like the fact that they can work casually but also in a dressy sense from a night out to a wedding However I know sometimes they can seem a little daunting to wear, from deciding what to pair it with to how to choose just the right fit. However, having gone down this route a few times, I have a few tried and tested tips on how to style a jumpsuit to achieve a killer look. Read on…

Consider length

Try your jumpsuit on with the shoes you’re likely to wear it with the most and look at how the length? Is it too long? Too short? It’s a good idea to keep your jumpsuit at a length that hits just at the ankle for the most flattering fit, at this length it can work with both flats and a heel. If you’re planning on wearing a slightly dressier jumpsuit for the evening, make sure that you can wear it with a heel (if that’s what you’re planning to pair it with) without it touching or dragging on the ground. If you need adjustments made, it’s definitely worth doing to achieve the best fit.

Avoid going too big or too small

You want to avoid a jumpsuit that’s going to be so small that you can end up getting a rather unflattering camel toe effect but you also you don’t want it to be so loose that it swamps you. Try and opt for a fit that’s comfortable, where it’s not overly snug but not so big that it looks a little unkempt. You want to be able to freely move around without your jumpsuit being snug in all the wrong places.

Have definition at the waist

The thing with a jumpsuit is that given it’s an all-in-one garment, if you don’t have a slightly cinched in effect at the waist you can risk it totally looking like its wearing you rather than you wearing it. Lots of jumpsuits these days come with a waist tie which I think is a great way to get a more defined waist, but you could also opt to wear a belt to get the same effect.

Keep it simple

Wearing a jumpsuit is a statement making look so avoid going too over the top with accessories. You want to keep the silhouette rather sleek and pared back with a few carefully chosen accessories to help lift it rather than compete with it. A gorgeous statement earring or a beautiful headband for example are effective ways to really lift a jumpsuit without it feeling a bit much.

What are some of your tips for wearing a jumpsuit?

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One white t-shirt, five ways

7th March, 2020

I’ve always considered a white t-shirt to be a wardrobe staple due to its versatility. I can be wearing a white t-shirt to do the school run one minute to attending a work function the next and be wearing the same tee. Whilst I love the fact it’s so simple to dress it up or down one of the reasons I love it so much is because it’s just so comfortable. Comfort is always key when it comes to my outfits and I love anything that’s unfussy and still maintains an element of polish. If you need further convincing then I’ve got five great looks that all incorporate a white tee, yet each with a distinctly different vibe…

This is an elevated take on a casual ensemble, and in this instance the classic combination of a white tee and jeans is given a bold touch with the addition of a pastel blazer and an on trend Bottega Veneta clutch.

You can never go wrong with a clean and simple silhouette. Here Harper and Harley’s Sara Crampton does what she does best—minimalist dressing featuring a classic white tee and a sleek black high waisted skirt.

Polished tailoring can sometimes feel a little too “done” so to give it a more relaxed vibe swap out a shirt for a plain white tee. It still has the sophisticated vibe you’re going for but will feel a lot more effortless.

A preppy look that is steered in a whole different direction with the addition of a white t-shirt. Paired with ballet flats and a neutral blazer it looks elegant, but the tee gives it a comfortable, carefree feel.

A white tee can look edgy when worked back with the right pieces. A sleek black blazer and leggings accompanied by 90s style mules gives this look an updated, fashion forward feel.

Add a white tee to your wardrobe…


How to wear a suit in a modern way

15th October, 2018

I think every woman should own one great suit. They’re a staple in a corporate environment but the suit can extend beyond the office with the right accoutrements and silhouette. Suiting now works equally as well as a way to do day wear with extra polish or adopt a different silhouette from a traditional dress or skirt for big events. It’s had a major style rejuvenation and is definitely a key trend worth investing in.

Banish thoughts of the 80s power suit from your mind and instead think sleek, sophisticated and just a little bit sexy. Here’s how to nail suiting so it looks on point and super chic…

Invest in good tailoring

An ill-fitting suit is a big fashion no-no. If you’re going to wear a suit be sure to have it tailored absolutely perfectly to fit. If you need to, have the jacket taken in, have the pants taken up so the hem sits perfectly with your shoe to ensure the silhouette looks polished.

Think beyond the shirt

A classic button down shirt is, of course, always going to be a no-brainer pairing with a suit however by switching up what you wear underneath you can create a look with an entirely new vibe. You could opt for a turtleneck for a look that would work in a corporate environment but has a slightly more relaxed feel. There’s also the option of wearing a loose t-shirt a la The Gucci Shirt That’s Everywhere for a look with attitude or a bodysuit for an evening ensemble that looks sleek and sexy.

Be adventurous with silhouettes

There are so many different silhouettes when it comes to the suit these days. You could opt for a boyfriend blazer that’s a little more billowy and has a slightly tougher, more masculine feel to a tapered leg for a look that screams sleek. I also love a flared pant and a long length blazer for an outfit that has a slightly Jane Birkin vibe. And the suit I wore above, is another example of experimenting with silhouettes. The style is a little more relaxed, with its kimono style jacket and wide leg pants.

Keep shoes streamlined

When it comes to the suit the shoes you wear should be quite pared back. If you’re going to do a boot it needs to be an ankle boot that’s tapered to the leg, something like a sock boot is ideal. You don’t want anything too loose around the ankle as it can affect the fit of the suit and can look a little clunky. You could also opt for a sleek stiletto or if you want to wear flats a pair of pointy slides will work well. If you’re wearing a skirt suit like the one I’m wearing above, it works equally as well with boots as it does with heels and flats so it scores bonus points for versatility.

Embrace colour

A black, navy or grey suit has long been a workplace go-to but these days suiting is available in a rainbow of colours. Wearing a suit has never been so much fun! If you’re planning to wear a suit as day wear or to an occasion definitely consider dabbling in one in a vibrant shade for a look that’s bold and will stand out in a crowd.

What are your thoughts on the suit? Love or loathe?

How to elevate an LBD

23rd August, 2018

Having a little black dress (LBD) in your fashion arsenal is a must. It’s a reliable go-to for events and special occasions and guarantees you will look always look polished whenever you wear one. I’ve got a few favourites in my closet that I often pull out when I’ve got a big function and I just don’t have the time to really think about what I’m going to wear. While an LBD is a failsafe fashion option it can also sometimes feel a little too understated and you might feel the need to dress it up a bit more. Luckily it’s really easy to do. Over the years I’ve managed to transform any LBD using the following tricks…

Add a statement heel

This always works a treat because a shoe that’s got some wow factor pairs well with a dress that’s quite simple. I did this with the above look and felt that it elevated the dress and gave it a little more depth.

Dial up your accessories choices

Accessories are your friend. It’s also the perfect time to choose slightly more bold pieces. Pop on a pair of oversized earrings, a gorgeous cocktail ring or a striking necklace to take your LDB up a notch.

Glam up your hair

The way you wear your hair really can change everything. I’ll often opt for an up-do whenever I’m wearing a little black dress as I find it has a slightly more glamorous feel. A bouncy ponytail or a sleek or messy bun is my go-t0.

Add a bright lip

It goes without saying that makeup can really make a look impactful. I’m usually an eye or lip girl but never at the same time as I find it can become a little too overwhelming. When it comes to either with an LBD, I’ll usually try a bold lip if I’m trying to glam up a plain black dress.

Throw on a striking jacket

This works off the same principle as the statement shoe, in that given you have a blank canvas to play with you can afford to go a little more daring with what you pair with a black dress. I’ve found a standout jacket (sequins, colour, patterned – go crazy!) is an effective way to add an element of interest to an LBD.

What are some of your favourites ways to elevate an LBD?

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How to incorporate dressier items into your casual wardrobe

28th November, 2017

My casual wardrobe gets a pretty regular workout, given I spend most of my time looking after Sophia and Grace and need to be comfortable at all times. However this leaves me with an entire section of my wardrobe that doesn’t get nearly enough use: my dresses. More specifically those that are on the slightly dressier side and are more appropriate for a work event or classy lunch than preschool drop- offs and playground outings. I’ve always been about having clothes that are easily dressed up or down so I’ve now taken to dipping into that particular section of my cupboard a lot more and have set myself the challenge to have them feature more frequently in my everyday looks.

Take the below dress by Karen Millen; I’m a huge fan of crisp white dresses as they’re generally a lot easier to transform into either a daytime or nighttime look given their blank colour palette. In this instance to help bring the dress into casual wear territory, I found my choice of accessories was key. By pairing it with a candy pink hued bag it added a fun, playful element to my overall look and gave it a slightly more relaxed feel. Flats are often the secret to changing the overall vibe of a dressy piece and by pairing the dress with white sneakers helped to ground the outfit and make it appropriate for a day of running around. The right accoutrements can often steer an outfit into an entirely new direction, and is one of my favourite styling tricks to employ when I need to change up an existing item in my closet.

I’m always experimenting with what’s in my wardrobe so this has been a useful discovery of a great way to double the use of what I already own. This weekend why not set yourself the challenge to turn your dressier pieces into casual wear—you may be pleasantly surprised at the new looks you’ll uncover.

Credits: Dress, Karen Millen, Shoes, Gucci, Bag, Bvlgari,

This post was created in collaboration with Karen Millen