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Go to sleep in style

9th March, 2018

Pyjamas and sleepwear are admittedly probably an area of our wardrobes a lot of us might not pay attention to. You’re just going to sleep in them, right? Whilst that’s true, I do think there’s something to be said for splurging on at least one item of sleepwear that doesn’t involve an oversized tee and shorts (as comfy as that is). A lovely set of pjs is great for those times when you just want lounging around in bed to feel that little bit more luxurious—even the girls and I got in on the action! And hey, if you want to spend the entire day in them at least you’re still bringing a touch of glam to the equation. Lucky for you there are plenty of great options out there to help you catch some zzzs in style.

Shop my picks of stylish pyjamas and sleepwear below…


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