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Aussie women with great style

26th January, 2021

Whether it’s something in the water, a unique point of view from living in geographical isolation or our love of effortless, relaxed styling there’s definitely something to be said for our style Down Under. In fact, there’s definitely no shortage of stylish Aussie women to look to for fashion inspo.

One look at whose accounts I regularly scroll and it heavily features Australian women who seriously know their way around fashion. From summer looks that we seem to just instinctively do well, to winter looks that still have a uniquely effortless and relaxed feel echoing our local lifestyle, there’s something to be said for home grown style.

These women in particular do it oh-so well…


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A post shared by Christine Centenera (@christinecentenera)

You’ll regularly find Vogue Australia’s fashion editor Christine Centenera on many a best dressed list. Her style is effortless, with her aesthetic clearly reflected in her clothing brand Wardrobe.NYC (worn above)—understated, edgy and fashion forward. 


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A post shared by Camilla Freeman-Topper (@camillafreemantopper)

The co-founder of Camilla and Marc is a living breathing embodiment of her eponymous brand. A balance of simple lines, rich hues and an elegant simplicity personifies Camilla’s style—and it makes for a hard-to-ignore combination that makes her look so covetable.


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A post shared by Lara Worthington (@laraworthington)

As another fan of minimalist styling, Lara Worthington‘s looks are a constant reminder of why less is more. She often favours neutrals and clean silhouettes, interspersed with the occasional burst of soft feminine pieces. There’s certainly lots to love when it comes to her closet, and it’s no wonder she often comes to mind when thinking of stylish Aussie women.


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A post shared by ZOË FOSTER BLAKE (@zotheysay)

The founder of Go-To skincare is true example of a woman who is confident in her style. Favouring colour and prints, but also a fan of classic pieces with a feminine and polished twist, she’s managed to carve out a look all her own and it shows in every outfit. 


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A post shared by Jennifer Hawkins-Wall (@jenhawkins_)

A fan of a laidback, beach lifestyle, this sentiment echoes in Jennifer’s wardrobe too. She often embraces polished pieces such as blazers and suiting in work mode, while she can regularly be seen in a great summer dress or a simple tee and shorts when she’s off duty. Either way, there’s lots of love about her penchant for an effortless ensemble.


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A post shared by NADIA FAIRFAX (@nadiafairfax)

As one of Australia’s top influencers, Nadia Fairfax is the epitome of someone who clearly loves having fun with fashion. It’s echoed in her wardrobe where she favours colour, prints and feminine details, and each look is guaranteed to be personality plus. 


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A post shared by Elle Ferguson (@elle_ferguson)

Australia’s fave beach babe and founder of Elle Effect, Elle Ferguson knows how to do an elevated boho look like no other. With printed dresses and denim often mixed and matched with sexy silhouettes, not to mention a seriously strong accessorising game, her look is definitely one to watch. 


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A post shared by DSO (@deborahsymondoneil)

The founder of Mode Sportif can always be relied upon to pull together the kind of looks that will have you saying, “I wish I was wearing that.” She can often be found in a beautiful dress from an achingly cool brand one minute, while embracing classic pairings like jeans and a tee the next. The one constant is that every outfit looks considered, right down to her shoes and bag, every single time.


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A post shared by Nicole Warne Shadbolt (@nicolewarne)

As far as stylish Aussie women go you can’t go past Nicole Warne Shadbolt who can often be found wearing cutting edge designer looks that will make any fashion fan weak at the knees. Expect lots of sharp tailoring, vibrant prints and patterns, all packaged together in a sleek and elegant package. 


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A post shared by JESINTA. (@jesinta_franklin)

If you’re currently expecting, look to Jesinta Franklin for style inspo, because she is completely nailing pregnancy fashion. The best bit is that she’s also remained true to her usual style. From suiting to relaxed dresses and feminine shapes and clean lines, hers is the kind of style that will make you want to experiment with your next look. 


10 Aussie women with insanely great style

26th January, 2020

When I think of Aussie style, it’s often synonymous with words like effortless, relaxed and understated. We often do resort style dressing beautifully, cultivating a look that works with our laidback lifestyle. That doesn’t mean we don’t do fashion that’s modern, fashion forward and polished. The wonderful thing about Australian fashion is that it’s also a scene that allows for plenty of room to explore overseas trends while giving a distinctly local vibe. So what better time than Australia Day to shine a light on the homegrown women who have wardrobes to die for.

Christine Centenera

As the fashion director of Vogue Australia and co-founder of Wardrobe NYC, Christine Centenera has the kind of innate style that demands attention. Favouring sleek, fashion forward pieces incorporating minimalist accessories with edge, she never fails to deliver outfits that are intriguing and just a little envy inducing.

Lara Worthington

Lara Worthington’s style has evolved over the years from beach girl to glam and now into its current minimalist iteration, which works for her like a dream. Simple, streamlined cuts, muted colour palettes and the occasional print all work together to produce a wardrobe that’s oh-so effortless and inspires at every turn.

Elle Ferguson

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How I plan on spending Sunday…

A post shared by Elle Ferguson (@elle_ferguson) on

As a an influencer and founder of beauty brand Elle Effect, Elle Ferguson has the kind of boho meets beach style (always perfectly accessorised with beachy waves and golden glow) that perfectly encapsulates the vibe that Australia is known for. With a penchant for natural textures, pieces with an edge and stunning designer accessories, her style is one that’s coveted with every outfit she wear.

Nicole Warne Shadbolt

From fronting major fashion magazines to her exquisite custom Valentino wedding dress and on point style at every major fashion event she attends, there’s no doubt that Nicole Warne Shadbolt has style in spades. And with her recent announcement that she’s expecting her first child, prepare for amazing maternity style like you’ve never seen before.

Jesinta Franklin

Mama-to-be Jesinta Franklin often favours cutting edge pieces while maintaining a feminine vibe and that aesthetic hasn’t waned at all throughout her pregnancy. She’s not afraid to push boundaries and often embraces vibrant hues, unique silhouettes and bold accessories that all work together to create a strong look that’s made for serious #ootd inspo.

Carmen Hamilton

Founder of Chronicles of Her, fashion blogger Carmen Hamilton has a style that’s polished but adds edge and grittiness with fashion forward silhouettes and striking accessories sprinkled with gorgeous textures and the occasional print. She has the kind of style that you just can’t help but be intrigued by what she’s wearing.

Nadia Fairfax

As a close friend of Nadia’s I’ve always loved her wardrobe and playful approach to style. Favouring prints, vibrant colours and beautiful feminine tailoring, her aesthetic is the epitome of what can happen when you have an approach to dressing that’s not afraid to have fun.

Deborah Symond ONeil

There’s a distinctly feminine approach to Mode Sportif founder Deborah Symond ONeil’s wardrobe. With a love of pretty prints, beautiful detailing such as frills and ruching and playful accessories, her wardrobe is one that’s always polished and perfectly pulled together.

Margot Robbie

As a bonafide Hollywood celeb, Chanel ambassador and glossy magazine fave, Margot Robbie often never puts a foot wrong. She’s also a style chameleon. She can go from edgy one minute to ultra feminine the next without skipping a beat. And in her down time, she lets her laidback Aussie roots shine through favouring relaxed pieces that inject her off duty looks with plenty of personality.

Camilla Freeman Topper

As the creative director of one of my favourite Australian brands, Camilla and Marc, it’s no surprise that Camilla Freeman Topper just oozes style. With a discerning eye, she curates a wardrobe that’s unique, modern and adventurous all at the same time without ever looking anything but polished. An apt description for the brand she helms wouldn’t you say?


11 stylish Aussies to inspire your wardrobe on Australia Day

26th January, 2016

If there’s one thing we’re spoilt for choice with it’s the fact there’s no shortage of stylish Australian women to turn to for fashion inspiration. We do laidback, casual style like no other place on earth. It was hard to narrow them down but here’s a shortlist of celebs, models and bloggers who are flying the the Australian fashion flag and doing it oh-so well… Happy Australia Day!

Lara Worthington

She first came on the scene as the fresh-faced star of a Tourism Australia ad and over the years Worthington has cemented her place on well-dressed lists with her always on-trend wardrobe. Her style has evolved over the years from laidback beach babe to a more polished, yet still relaxed style and she can go from whimsical florals one minute to an edgy all-black ensemble the next. Her edgy bob inspired many a woman to go for the chop, and now her shorter, pixie style also has us experiencing pangs of hair envy.

A photo posted by Lara Worthington (@laraworthington) on

Jesinta Campbell

Her early Miss Universe days catapulted her into the limelight but it’s Campbell’s evolution into the style icon she is today that we’re sure has inspired many a like on Instagram and many pins on wardrobe inspiration Pinterest boards nationwide. Whether she’s working out, heading to a black tie event or just casually hanging out at home, Campbell’s looks inspire much wardrobe lust striking just the right cohesive balance every single time.  

Nadia Fairfax

As one of my co-stars on Fashion Bloggers and also a dear friend, Fairfax’s style has always been on-point through the years. While her looks are always perfectly edited, it’s her ability to accessorise with gorgeous statement earrings or killer heels that I’m sure inspires people to bookmark her every look.


A photo posted by NADIA FAIRFAX (@nadiafairfax) on

Christine Centenera

The inimitable fashion director of Australian Vogue has the kind of innate sense of style that produces edgy, fashion forward looks time and time again. It’s no wonder she’s a favourite of street style snappers around the world. It’s Centenera’s ability to tap into the heartbeat of fashion and unearth trends before they’ve even begun that has fashionistas everywhere wanting to copy and paste her style.

Montana Cox

The model and ambassador of David Jones can look equally as good in ladylike separates as she does in a striking gown on the red carpet. Her look is effortless and at only 22 years old, she’s definitely one who will only no doubt give us plenty more fashion inspiration in the years to come.

A photo posted by Montana (@montanacox1) on

Jessica Gomes

If there’s one thing Australia knows how to do it’s produce stunningly beautiful models. Like Montana Cox, Gomes is also a David Jones ambassador, and each time she hits the red carpet, posts on Instagram or is starring in an editorial, the common thread is that she has us wanting exactly what she’s wearing. 

A photo posted by Jessica Gomes (@iamjessicagomes) on

Kym Ellery

As on of Australia’s top fashion designers, most notably known for the unique silhouettes and edgy looks she sends down the runway season after season, it’s no surprise that Ellery’s own personal style is always just the right mix of daring mixed with a touch of attitude. The designer favours ensembles in all-black and is further proof that you can never go wrong with a touch of onyx.

A photo posted by kym ellery (@kymellery) on

Camilla Freeman-Topper

The amount of Camilla & Marc pieces I currently have in my possession is all due to Camilla Freeman-Topper’s ability to design collection after collection that just taps into my love of tailored pieces with a unique point of view. Off duty, Freeman-Topper’s style is worthy of it’s own runway show. Favouring bold, dramatic prints and colours paired with simple wardrobe staples such as a black pant with a blazer, her style is the kind that can mix glamour with simplicity and just make it work.

Zanita Whittington

If there’s one thing I’ve admired working with Zanita Whittington it’s her ability to push fashion boundaries. Favouring bold prints and colours, her look is anything but wallflower and it is what definitely makes her style stand out from the crowd. She’s not afraid to experiment with fashion and is certainly not a slave to trends, she’ll always take an outfit and make it uniquely her own.

Sara Donaldson

Her wardrobe is always comprised of black, white and grey and it’s a colour palette that makes Donaldson’s wardrobe so perfectly pulled together at all times. Her accessories, whether it be a pair of slick, sky-high stilettos or an understated clutch or bag are always elegant and on-point. 

Amanda Shadforth

Her eye for photography also extends to an eye for pulling together just the right look. Shadforth’s wardrobe is a nod to Australian style in its laidback elegance and is always about clean lines with touches of colour or bold accessories to make it her own. She’s certainly inspired me in our time working together on Fashion Bloggers!