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How to shop the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and come away with a great bargain

26th November, 2021

Black Fridays sales are a traditional American retail event that has made its way to Australia, along with its online counterpart Cyber Monday. Whilst not all shops will do in store sales in Australia, you will be able to nab plenty of bargains online both here and overseas. There will be flash sales that run for a small amount of time whilst other retailers may offer big discounts over a day or a few days to its customers. This is the ideal time to nab Christmas presents, a new outfit for New Year’s Eve or just something that you’ve had your eye on for ages. However to grab yourself a true bargain, it pays to be savvy and employ a strategy so you don’t come away with an impulse purchase that you’ll never use.

Here are a few of my tips for scoring yourself some great buys and learn how to shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales like a shopping whiz.

Visit your fave retailers in the lead up to both days

There are some stores that will offer discounts well before Black Friday and Cyber Monday so it pays to check them out to see what’s on offer. You may be able to grab something early and beat the rush but still pay a significantly discounted price. To make this easier bookmark all of your regular shopping haunts so you can efficiently visit them in the lead up to the big sale days.

Sign up to your favourite retailers’ newsletters and social media feeds

If you haven’t already be sure to sign up for the newsletter of your favourite stores. This is often where you’ll find out about what’s on offer, with some giving loyal customers a sneak peek before everything kicks off.

Also follow your go-to brands on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Most stores will often use these channels advertise their sales and you don’t want to miss out on a potential bargain.

Map out your target buys

Have a checklist of what you want to buy well ahead of time. This will help you hone in on what it is that you really need and want as opposed to buying something that you’ve just spotted but may not necessarily find much use for. Also you can check ahead of time which stockists offer what it is you’re after so you know exactly where to go when sale time starts.

Shop around

If there’s a particular item that you have in mind then check out a few different stores to see how much they are selling it for. This will allow you to find it at the best price. Often one retailer may offer it at the lowest price but on Black Friday and Cyber Monday other retailers may be offering huge discounts which will allow you to snap it up at a fraction of the cost.

Try on what you can in person

If you’ve got your heart set on a few things make the effort to try them on in person so you know exactly the size you’re looking for. This is especially important for buying online where you may have to act quickly and you don’t want to miss out because you’re still umming and aaahing about what size you should get.

Shop consciously

As with all sales my golden rule is not to get swept up in the excitement of it all and try to stick to my shopping list. Whilst something might be cheap, it’s really not if I find I’ll hardly use it and it just ends up gathering dust in my closet. It’s a great time to snap up some good buys and take advantage of all the deals on offer. May the shopping gods be ever in your favour!

Tell me—what’s the best bargain you’ve ever got from sale shopping?


The Curated: Online shopping sites

3rd June, 2020

This is a big one! Considering the panel is made up of the most stylish, fashion loving, shopping savvy people I know, their top go-to online stores are definitely worth paying attention to. I asked everyone to pick just three sites, and in the mix you’ll find great suggestions for a designer fix, slightly lesser known shopping destinations, and also some fun stores if you’re after basics to activewear and a new addition to your home decor. Happy shopping!

The Curated panel: presenter, journalist and producer Ksenija Lukich; artist and style curator and founder of Where did your style go? Tash Sefton; influencer Nadia Fairfax, stylist Elliot Garnaut, influencer Rey Vakili; Ostelin and Johnson’s baby ambassador, Phoebe BurgessElle Effect founder and creative director, Elle Ferguson; influencer, Anna Heinrich


Net-a-Porter: “Love the whole buying experience from start to finish.” 

David Jones: “Great for Australian designers and cosmetics.”

Cotton On Kids: “It’s my go-to for quick and easy fashion for my kids.”

Anna Heinrich

The Iconic: “Lots of fabulous Aussie brands.”

Net-a-Porter – when I feel like a bit of luxe in my life.

Farfetch: “I’ve been eyeing off a pair of Tom ford Shoes for about a year now. I can’t justify buying them so I’ll just continue to look at them.”

Elle Ferguson

Babyanything: “Because they have the best fine jewellery on the market.”

Skims: “I think I’ve bought something new from here every week I’ve been in ISO… it really is that good.”

Alo Yoga: “With all the at home workouts I seriously can’t get enough of this brand. The high waist airbrush tights are my go-to.”

Nadia Fairfax

Mode Sportif, The Webster, Maimoun Store and Moda Operandi…”

Ksenija Lukich

Shopbop: “Great finds at a reasonable price [on this US site]…unfortunately the AUD is terrible right now!”

The Iconic: “Not necessarily my favourite range of clothing but I can’t go past three hour delivery.”

Adore Beauty: “Fabulous range of beauty and hair essentials. Fast delivery and a Tim Tam with every order.”

Rey Vakili

Matches Fashion: “This is probably my favourite site for all things fashion.”

Moda Operandi: “It has the best curation in my opinion and is a great place to discover new designers.”

Amazon: “[It’s a favourite site] because its Amazon! The Everything Store!”

Elliot Garnaut

Matches Fashion: “Their customer service and buy is second to none. I spend hours on their site weekly and truly buy the majority of my clothing from Matches.”

FarFetch: “A curation of the world’s best boutiques means you can find competitive pricing on the same items. Their breadth of stock is unparalleled.”

Moda Operandi: “[This is a favourite site because of] their HOME buy. It’s honestly the best. VERY unique.”

Phoebe Burgess

Mode Sportif: “I was a mag girl, so cruising through sites like this, which is great for edits, discovering style makers and picking up new labels loves is what I love when I have the time.”

Net-a-Porter: “I will always find a similar vibe [as Mode Sportif] (or pick up a sneaky sale steal) on Net-a-Porter.”

Wardrobe.NYC: “I love what Christine Centenera has done with Wardrobe NYC. The ethos of slow and considered consumerism, buying a collection of pieces to create multiple looks and vibes is, I believe, where fashion is headed. You are purchasing a lifestyle, and as she is my number one forever-and-always style inspiration and total icon, you’re purchasing a bit of what CC is about. It feels personal. From the whole shopping a wardrobe experience to the arrival of the clothes and the packaging, it feels as though your dollars have been respected from start to finish.”

Tash Sefton

Matches Fashion: “My fav place to get my designer fix—the edit of products and brands is perfect —it’s like going into a boutique.”

The Iconic: “Perfect for my whole family… kids especially. Also I like the mix of branded price points and their sustainable shopping section.”

Zara: “The Zara site has stock, especially shoes, before they hit stores.” 

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My trick for ensuring I always make a good purchase and avoid buyer’s remorse

18th April, 2020

Over the years I’ve done my fair share of shopping expeditions and as a result I’ve also walked away with buyer’s remorse a time or two (or ten). And as I hated the feeling so much it was something that I wanted to work on curbing. It’s a waste of money and I really hate the idea of something going unused because I just wasn’t 100 per cent sure about it. I need to ensure that I always make a good purchase whenever I shop.

I do most of my shopping online so I know how easy it can be to make an impulse purchase when you’re sitting at home, enjoying a glass of wine and trawling through your fave clothing site. When you’re looking at something in real life it’s easier to gauge whether it’s definitely something you’ll wear or if it’s just an of the moment item that will end up just spending its days gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe. When you’re shopping on screen it can be a little trickier as everything looks great when professionally photographed. This is why it’s often a good idea to research a potential purchase quite thoroughly before buying it as you’re often taking a slight leap of faith when you’re relying purely on what you’re seeing on a website.

Regret-free shopping is all about asking yourself the right questions

I often get asked my tips for shopping, particularly online shopping and without a doubt the biggest one is that I will leave something I am thinking of buying in my cart for 24 hours. For online shopping, the action of adding it to cart is enough to satisfy my shopping whim but by not buying it immediately I give myself enough time to think about whether I really want it or not. I apply a similar principal to shopping in real life which works just as well. Usually I’ll see something when I’m out shopping with the girls and I won’t try it on right away (mostly because have you ever tried to try something on with two kids in tow?) but instead I’ll leave it a day or two. If I’m still thinking about it I’ll go back on my own and try it on. However this gives me a bit of time to consider whether I really want it or it was just a fleeting interest.

My general rule is that if I’m still thinking about something the next day then it’s something I really want as opposed to just getting caught up in the moment. By delaying buying it it gives me time to research the item further. I suggest Googling what you’re thinking of purchasing and seeing what it looks like on other sites as sometimes the colour or texture can look really different. It also allows me to consider how it’s going to work with the rest of my wardrobe and ask myself the key questions I’ve told myself I need to ask before any purchase. If all the boxes are ticked then I know I’m making a good purchase.

Tell me—What are some of your favourite shopping tricks?  
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My new shortcut for being a savvy shopper

8th April, 2019

I consider myself a pretty savvy shopper and quite enjoy scoping out the best deals I can. I’ve been known to keep watch on something on my wish list for months, especially when it’s an investment buy and only when I see it at a great price will I eventually snap it up. As I tend to do most of my shopping online I’ll always make a point of visiting multiple sites to check out where I can get something at the best price possible. I like to make the most of my fashion budget so shopping around is something that I’ve made a point of doing for years.

I’m a fan of employing as many different tools for making shopping more cost effective as I can. I’ll sign up to newsletters and follow my favourite brands on social media to keep abreast of sales so you can imagine how happy I was to jump on the website and discover that not only could I compare different deals for everything from flights and hotels to streaming services, but I could also get some really great deals and discounts to some of my favourite stores. A few of my go-to shopping destinations such as The Iconic, David Jones and ASOS offer coupons on the site entitling shoppers to everything from free shipping to discounts on certain brands so it’s become part of my online shopping routine to check out Finder to see what’s on offer. As I said, I think it’s important to get more from your fashion dollar so I’m all about embracing discounts and getting the best deal I can.

One of the huge benefits of using a service like Finder is that it’s perfect when you’re time poor and busy as you’re able to compare and contrast various deals all in the one spot. I’ve always got quite a lengthy to-do list so any shortcuts that I can take are always welcome—especially when it results in a great deal or two.

This post was produced in collaboration with Finder

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Best buys under $100

24th November, 2018

In the lead up to Christmas budgets can be tight but there’s also an array of social occasions to contend with. So, what to do? Well to help you look stylish across party season I’ve rounded up some great buys to help you get dressed in some on trend outfits without it costing a fortune. Whether it’s a casual Christmas Day gathering or a big New Year’s Eve bash, these cheap and cheerful buys will get you through the next few weeks without breaking the bank.

Boohoo button detail wide leg pant

These pants with their nautical style button finish are the perfect go-to for dinner and drinks or a day at work. Let your choice of top and shoes dictate how dressy you make them.

ASOS Design square neck top

This top is reminiscent of a lot more expensive styles but at a fraction of the price. Anything with statement sleeves this season is always a winner.

ASOS Design Marling bow mule

The adorable bow elevate this simple mule into a shoe option that’s just made for parties aplenty.

ASOS Design Haiku padded heel sandals

If you want to take your outfit up a notch it’s always worth adding a statement shoe. The texture and colour of this heel make it ideal for occasion dressing.

ASOS Design ornate cross body bag

Structured bags are having a moment and this style with its ornate finish adds a ladylike touch to any ensemble.

True Violet square neck bodycon dress

A sleek style that’s made a little more daring with touches of animal print.

Le Specs Damn! square frame sunglasses

A pair of easy breezy frames in classic white will dress up any summer ensemble and give it a fun vibe.

Kenneth Jay Lane gold plated earrings

Want to know the best shortcut for reworking existing occasion wear? Bold accessories. These earrings can easily be reworn multiple times making them a worthy investment this season.

Madewell bodysuit

If you want to give your trusty tees a break consider a bodysuit. Easily paired with myriad looks it will quickly become a summer staple.

J.Crew Claire tie-front top

The tie-front feature make this white shirt a cut above. It could easily be paired with everything from statement pants to a printed skirt.

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic sneakers

This classic French sneaker brand is a go-to for many a celebrity. These sneakers come in multiple colours so don’t be afraid to stock up!

Nana-Nana small bucket bag

Anything with a little logo action is so of the moment. Try this daring design for the ideal finishing touch to any look.

Diesel embellished narrow belt

A great belt is one of the type of accessory that you’ll wear to death. One in a vibrant shade will rework an outfit in an instant.

Furla Babylon cardholder

Luxe and affordable? What’s not to love! A great way to downsize your essentials to fit into your fave clutch.

Venroy lounge shorts

If you’re heading to a casual BBQ or beach day over the holidays then these are the ideal resort wear piece to have you looking like you’re spending the day in the Amalfi Coast.



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12 best buys this week under $100

16th September, 2018

If you’re feeling the Sunday blues there’s no better cure than a little retail therapy. And if it’s still a few weeks to pay day then never fear because I’ve rounded up some great buys that won’t send you broke. Whether you’re after a great casual dress for the weekend or a statement slide that will elevate any outfit I’ve got you covered with my top budget picks for the month.

Lipsy ribbed striped dress

This is a versatile dress that will take you from work to the weekend with a quick change in shoes and accessories.

Warehouse pelmet skirt in tweed co-ord & Warehouse box jacket in tweed co-ord

Chanel Clueless’ chair and pair these two together for a chic skirt suit perfect for the office.

Free People Lala turtleneck

A white shirt and jeans work perfectly together, making for an ideal off duty look.

ASOS Spirit slingback kitten heels

Who doesn’t want a comfortable heel to add to their collection? This pair is an on trend style at the right price point.

ASOS Design Leyla embroidered slipper mule

Mules have remained a constant over the last few seasons and the embroidery on this makes it the ideal style to lift any outfit.

Tony Bianco Duke backpack

Looking for a chic carryall that will hold all your essentials? This black backpack fits the bill with its understated feel.

Cheap Monday poplin shirt

A polished white shirt is a workhorse of any wardrobe and when you find just the perfect style, it’s important to snap it up.

Peter Lang Palm earrings

Architectural gold earrings are a reliable go-to for days when you want to add an element of interest to an outfit.

Le Specs Damn sunglasses

Make a bold statement with these 60s inspired frames.

Boohoo Petite contrast lapel blazer

A patterned blazer makes for a great alternative to a classic black jacket and can easily be paired with everything from denim to black pants.

ASOS Design suede tote bag with square handle detail

A structured tote in a bold red shade will dial up the glamour of any ensemble.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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12 Best Buys this Week Under $100

7th July, 2018

If you’re desperate for a fashion fix but don’t want to fork out a lot of money, never fear! I’ve rounded up the best buys this week for under $100. Not only are they on trend, they also won’t break the bank which is a win-win situation all round.

Michael Michael Kors small coin purse

Brighten up your handbag with this cute purse in a vibrant bubble gum pink.

ASOS hanky hemi wrap skirt

The monochrome palette and drape of this skirt make it the ideal go-to for relaxed weekend dressing.

ASOS relaxed scoop back jumper

An alluring back detail is never a bad thing. Shake up your sweater collection with this little number.

Ksar faux shearling jacket

Add a touch of texture to your winter wardrobe with this cosy topper.

ASOS Design squared off cat eye sunglasses

A classic shape and style, this will see you through multiple seasons with ease.

Bardot Neve long sleeved mini dress

The ideal layering piece, pop this on under a blazer or chunky knit for a polished look.

ASOS Design black fabric obi belt

If you’ve got several button ups in your closet that need revamping try dressing them up by pairing it with an obi belt.

Lioness Manhattan knit dress

Great colour, great shape, great style. You can’t go wrong with this dress and the best bit? It won’t cost the earth.

Retro Luxe London gold dragon belt

A great belt is a must for pairing with a pair of jeans this season and this design is guaranteed to be able to be worn on several different occasions.

ASOS Design elope pointed sock boots

I love a sock boot because of its sleek, slimline design. Pair this with wide leg trousers, denim or a great dress.

Liars and Lovers white tassel and bead statement hoop earrings

Revive a tired outfit with a hit of statement earrings. These are fun and will definitely elevate a look.

Reclaimed Vintage rose gold classic mesh strapped watch

A sleek rose gold watch makes for the perfect finishing accessory to an ensemble.

What’s been the best bargain buy you’ve made lately?


12 best buys this week for under $120

16th June, 2018

Who’s in the mood for a little retail therapy? If you’ve had that kind of week and just want to treat yourself without breaking the bank then look no further than the 12 picks I’ve rounded up for you. Not only are there some designer goodies in the mix, these buys are all guaranteed on trend updates to your winter wardrobe and all for under $120. And hey, I don’t blame you if you want to add more than one to cart…

Le Specs Outta Love acetate sunglasses

I spoke about how much I am loving coloured sunglasses at the moment. These are so now and are a playful touch to any ensemble.

Polo Ralph Lauren graphic logo tee

The designer logo tee is still going strong and this is a vibrant option that will elevate any look.

Valentino by Mario Valentino crossbody camera bag

Carry all your essentials on a night out in style. Love the pink hue of this bag.

Superga Linea Up and Down sneakers

You can never go wrong with white sneakers. Superga is a celeb fave and will give your look instant style cred.

Friends of Audrey Midnight Open Back dress

Snap. This. Up. Now. You’ll wear this to death throughout winter and is the kind of piece that can work for myriad occasions.

Saba Clancy oversized knit

Cosy up in a great knit…and at such a great price too.

Michael Kors ribbed knit sweater

Add a bold touch to your next off duty look with this fuchsia sweater.

Sam Edelman slippers

These shoes will go with everything from jeans to pants and dresses and skirts so it would be almost rude not to snap them up.

BB Dakota vegan leather jacket

A great looking leather jacket minus the exxy price tag. What’s not to love?

Atmos & Here Ciao Bella jumper

Slogan jumpers are a fun touch to any weekend look. This one would work beautifully with great jeans and your fave sneakers.

Tommy Hilfiger multi tote logo bag

Say it loud and proud! This striking bag with its logo feature is one way to elevate a look and make a statement.

Le Specs Fluxus cat eye sunglasses

Such a classic shape and colour—you’ll wear these to death.

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Zara’s got your key autumn pieces sorted for less than $500—and you can now buy everything online

19th March, 2018

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock you may have missed the momentous occasion that fashion lovers have been waiting for: you can now buy Zara online. All your super on trend buys are now just a click away and this means that it has never been easier to update your wardrobe. If you’re still trying to navigate your way through  the trans-seasonal weather (which if you’re in Sydney like me has been going from cool to scorching hot every few days) you may be noticing that you need a few new pieces to update your look. And there’s no better opportunity to do it on a budget than by checking out Zara’s latest offerings. I pulled together an edit of autumn’s must-haves for less than $500 and all six pieces should take you into winter and beyond.

Scroll down to shop my six must-have autumn pieces

Zara three quarter sleeve cropped black blazer with pearl buttons

Zara black three quarter length blazer, $99

A plain black blazer is a very handy thing to have in your wardrobe. It’s the type of piece that’s saved me on more than one occasion as it can instantly dress up an outfit in seconds. The cropped length of this style is great for our current is-it-or-isn’t-it-cold weather. And the pearl buttons are the kind of small finishing touch that can turn an ordinary blazer into something on trend.

Zara chambray shirt

Zara flowing v-neck blouse, $69.95

Click through to see this plain chambray shirt in action but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s the perfect cut for wearing in that relaxed, effortless, quintessential French girl style.

Zara striped sheer white blouse

Zara striped shirt with sheer detail, $59.95

A white shirt is all kinds of useful in any wardrobe but sometimes you just want to take a staple up a notch. Enter a sheer beauty such as this. It’s a great layering piece as you can wear a slip underneath for a more modest look or wear a gorgeous bra when you’re going for slightly sexier.

Zara neutral wide leg trousers

Zara neutral wide leg trousers, $69.95

A pair of wide leg trousers are great for the office and for off duty wear. Pair it with a button down, a simple tee or a slip and you can create myriad looks.

Zara geometric print pleated skirt

Zara geometric print pleated skirt, $69.95

Adding a punchy garment to your autumn wardrobe can add some life back into old wardrobe favourites. This piece can easily take you from 9 to 5 straight to after work drinks without missing a beat.

Zara black loafers with buckle detail

Zara black loafers with buckle detail, $69.95

I’m all about a great pair of polished flats as they’re comfy and so stylish at the same time. This style would work well with everything from jeans to a skirt and is the ideal shoe to see you through autumn/winter.

Have you snapped up anything on Zara online yet? Do share!
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The online shopping destination you need to bookmark now

6th March, 2018

Have you ever spent ages looking for just the right dress or top only to discover it unexpectedly? I had been looking for a new off the shoulder dress for awhile and I just wasn’t happy with what I had been seeing. I knew I needed to expand my scope from my usual list of go-to sites so I decided to check out Amazon Australia. I’ve obviously bought things like books and electronic gadgets from there before but I hadn’t ever really checked out their fashion range. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. They’ve got a great edit of well known labels along with smaller brands, so the selection was just a little bit different from the styles I had stumbled across.

This was a great lesson in making an effort to expand your usual shopping haunts as I ended up finding the below dusty pink dress. It ticked all the boxes for me: it had the off the shoulder silhouette I was after, statement sleeves and the on-trend tie detail I had in mind. The shade was also just the right pink hue as I wanted something feminine but not too girly.

With such a standout dress I wanted to keep my accessories quite simple. I stuck to a minimalist approach and just kept to sunglasses and a simple clutch. The look and feel of my clutch tapped into the trend towards native-style bags which I felt worked really well with dress. My round frame sunglasses on the other hand were able to add a statement element to my overall look without being overwhelming.

Credits: Dress, Amazon; Sunglasses, Chloe; Clutch, Heidi Klein

Photography: Sophia Athas

This post has been created in collaboration with Amazon Australia