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My favourite jumper combinations

18th May, 2022

Winter is just around the corner so I’m already workshopping ways I can wear my fave cosy jumpers around the clock. Layering is one of the best ways to stay warm when temperatures drop, and this is why investing in great knitwear is a must. I always favour beautiful knits but I also love nothing more than a more casual sweatshirt when it’s cold. If you’re a bit dubious about the latter, the direction trends have ventured of late has made wearing sweats out of the house not only unbelievably warm and practical, it’s right on trend too.

If you’re going to live in jumper throughout winter, it pays to have all your bases covered so you have one on hand to suit most outfits and occasions. I think it works to have some (or all) of the following in your closet:

  • A colourful knit: Whether it’s a bright cobalt blue, a shocking pink or a demure pastel, it’s always a good idea to embrace a little colour when it comes to knitwear. When everything in winter is generally geared towards dark, sombre hues it’s nice to inject a splash of colour into a look.
  • A textured piece: Whether it’s an oversized ribbed feature, cute bobbles or embroidery, it always adds a layer of interest to an outfit when you incorporate some texture into your jumpers.
  • A cardi: Wear it buttoned or open, but either way cardigans are huge this winter so it pays to have one or two in your collection. I am loving slightly cropped styles that I can wear as a standalone top or layer it with something else underneath.
  • An oversized sweater: Big oversized sweaters are so cosy and when worn with something fitted such as jeans or a wide leg pant and slightly tucked in it looks ultra chic while also keeping you toasty.
  • A grey sweatshirt: There’s obviously an array of different sweatshirt styles out there but I always love having a grey one in my closet. I wear it with my gym gear or with jeans and often pop a trench or other jacket on top and it all of a sudden feels more fashion-ey.
  • A turtleneck: Not only does it serve the purpose of keeping your neck warm, there’s something classic and sophisticated about a turtleneck. Hues such as black, cream or camel are always a good option as they offer a lot of versatility in how they can be worn as they can work back with jeans, pants or skirts equally as well.
  • A neutral knit: You most definitely have to own at least one knit in a neutral hue in your wardrobe. It’s a great piece to have as it can easily pair with multiple options, and offers you an array of different looks.
  • Logo sweatshirt: I do love a fun designer logo sweatshirt to dress up a pair of jeans. This one isn’t high on the priorities list but it is a good one to have as it’s ultra comfortable but also on trend.
  • A matching set: Invest in a matching set if you want to take wear loungewear out and about. I often do a jumper with tracksuit pants and pop on a trench to dress it up a little, or a beautiful knit set is also a wonderful alternative if sweats aren’t your thing.

If you’re currently popping a few things on your jumper shopping list after reading the above, there are a few practical considerations to keep in mind to ensure you end up with a knit with longevity…

  • Consider the fabrication: Look at the label and see what the jumper is made from. Wool and cashmere are of course at the upper echelon as they wear well, are breathable and have longevity. Merino wool in particular is said to be one of the best options if you want to avoid dreaded pilling. Cotton is also another great pick if you want a jumper that breathes and is also relatively easy to look after. Also look at the composition, something that is 100% acrylic for example will keep you toasty, but if the weather turns and starts to warm up you may be left feeling a little too hot as it’s not breathable. You want to ensure you incorporate a few natural fabrics so you don’t end up feeling overly hot when you’re wearing layers. Be on the look out for cheaper polyester/cotton combinations which tend to lose their shape after multiple wears.
  • Check out the washing instructions: They say knitwear should be washed as minimally as possible, but if you do have to launder a jumper, how much of a pain is it going to be? I love anything that can easily be thrown in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, but some may need dry cleaning or a specific detergent to keep it in top shape.
  • Choose a neckline that works for your wardrobe: I will often gravitate towards crew neck jumpers as I like the neckline and how it works with the rest of my closet. You may prefer V-neck or roll neck or turtleneck, but always think of what you’re going to wear it with to ensure longevity.




The 7 fashion sins I always avoid

14th May, 2022

I’m all for experimenting and taking a style risk here and there but there are some things I always make sure to avoid. These fashion sins can often subdue the impact of an outfit by taking away its polish–which is often the last thing you want when you walk out the door!

The below is a short, easy to follow list of simple things that you can do to ensure that you always look great every single day. I definitely swear by them and follow them when it comes to my wardrobe. And I’m always open to new additions to the list so if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments below.

Accentuating too many things

If you’re going to accentuate a particular part of the body, whether it be your legs or your décolletage I’ve always believed it’s important to make sure to only pick one to maintain the balance of your look. I’m all for flaunting whatever features you wish but it can sometimes throw your look off if there’s no counterpoint. For example if I’m going to wear a plunging neckline I usually opt for a slightly more conservative hemline or bottoms to balance it. The same goes for a a mini skirt, where I’ll usually go for a a button up shirt or a shirt with a high neckline to ensure I’ve chosen one focal point and to avoid my outfit look too overwhelming. I make sure to adopt this approach with every single outfit.

Ill-fitting garments

Even if you’ve spent a fortune on a standout designer garment if it doesn’t fit well then you’ve essentially taken away its wow factor. I think tailoring can really make or break an outfit. If something doesn’t fit properly make sure to get it altered whether it be getting sleeves taken up on a shirt so they are the perfect length or taking a jacket in because it’s a little too baggy on the shoulders. These small things will ensure that you always look sharp.

Not paying attention to detail

They may seem relatively innocuous—a stray thread here, a loose button there but the overall effect is that your outfit will look just that little bit unkempt. To combat this, the moment you notice something is awry with your outfit attend to it as soon as possible so you don’t forget about it. Snip loose threads, fix missing or loose buttons and always ensure that you remove lint and fabric pill.

Consider every aspect of your look from your shoes to you accessories

Scruffy looking shoes

Shoes are often one of the first things people notice about your outfit so make sure that they always look pristine. If the soles of your shoes are a bit threadbare make sure to have them resoled. If the heel cover on a pair of stilettos has worn down then make sure to have it replaced so you’re not teetering along on an exposed nail. Also always spray suede or leather shoes with a protectant spray to keep them protected during inclement weather. There’s nothing that will take away from an outfit more than stained shoes.

Wrinkled clothes

If you can’t be bothered ironing then avoid buying garments that will most definitely require pressing constantly like silk and linen. If you’re a fun of luxe fabrics, then be prepared to invest a little time in ensuring that everything is perfectly pressed.

Wearing clothes you don’t feel comfortable in

It’s abundantly clear when you’re wearing something that’s not quite right. Whether it’s hobbling around in shoes that are painful to walk in or a top that doesn’t sit right, if it’s something that will have you fussing around repeatedly then it’s best to pull something else out of your closet.

Wearing one designer from top-to-bottom

The beauty of fashion is to be able to mix and match to curate a look that’s entirely your own. This is why it’s better to wear a look that’s injected with your personality as opposed to just copying whatever the mannequin in the window is wearing. Fashion is all about doing your own thing, not just doing what you think is in style.’

Tell me—what are some other fashion sins you think should be added to the list?

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The pieces you’ll find me wearing every week

5th May, 2022

It’s a known fact that we only wear a small percentage of our wardrobes. It’s mind boggling given how many outfits we could probably create if we all just tried a little harder to wear them, but I am also guilty of playing favourites. I try my very best to expand my repertoire because I believe every piece in my closet deserves some love, but that said, there are certain pieces that always get a workout during the week. There are of course some weeks where I might find myself dressed up due to events but if it’s a typical week, these are the staples in my closet that I’m guaranteed to wear because they’re ultra easy and so versatile.

Black dad sandals

Initially this shoe style had to grow on me, but now that I’ve embraced it I can’t go back. These shoes are not only ridiculously comfy but I’ve found them to be so versatile. I wear them all the time. They work well with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts and no matter what I can walk for miles in them. They’ve definitely become a permanent fixture in my wardrobe and most likely will continue to do so.

High waisted tapered jeans

I adore high waisted anything. Can’t get enough of them. Jeans in a high waisted style, that are slightly more fitted are my fave. I’ve got a few in rotation including a Levi’s pair that I get DMs about every time I wear them, and a pair of Slvrlake jeans which are a similar fit. Either way you can almost guarantee I will be wearing them throughout the week, whether it’s with a t-shirt or a button down shirt or a tank. Plus they look great with flats, sneakers and heels which makes them just about the most versatile thing I own.

White tee/tank

Jeans and a white top is one of my go-to combinations. It’s a classic style for several great reasons. White looks so fresh against blue denim and looks ultra polished. However I often pair a white top with pants, whether it’s a wide leg style or a drawstring variety and find it works equally as well.

A button down shirt

Button down shirts are always a failsafe in my wardrobe. I often wear them with jeans, always slightly tucked in. And the great thing about this style is there are so many variations. From a crisp white shirt which is always guaranteed to work with multiple outfits, or a simple, classic stripe, there’s always something polished about it. Plus they work back with both pants and jeans equally as well.

Chanel flats

If we’re talking about shoes, these Chanel flats were an investment piece that has become so worth it in terms of cost per wear. The slingback style makes them look ultra dressy but being a flat, they’re comfortable too. I wear these shoes with jeans, pants and dresses and the classic two tone style gives them that signature Chanel touch.

A dress

I can’t pick a single dress I wear every week because I have so many great pieces that I love. However you can generally find me in a dress most weeks. I find them to be such a great outfit shortcut. When I’m unsure what I’m going to wear, I know I can always rely on a dress to do the heavy lifting.



How to buy pieces that you’ll have forever (and the strategies I use to guarantee this)

27th April, 2022

I can think of a number of pieces in my closet that I’ve had for what feels like forever. There are things I bought many years ago that are still going strong and getting used to this day and it’s because I followed the below criteria. It’s often when I venture away from this approach that I end up with purchases that I’ll have for a year or two but end up giving away in a closet purge down the track. The thing with a longevity shopping strategy is that you end up spending less because you’re not wasting money on things you’ll only have for a short time. You’re also likely have more wearable options as you will make considered purchases that align with how you truly like to dress—and ultimately have forever.

Opt for minimalist and classic

While I’m all for having fun with fashion, if you want a forever piece generally it’s going to be something that you won’t tire of seeing or wearing. For me, that requires simple silhouettes and classic hues that can be paired back with multiple things in my closet and that I can mix and match easily.

Stay true to your style

I think the pieces that have longevity are always the ones that stay true to your style and aesthetic. I’ve always found that the pieces I end up purging from my closet down the track tend to be the ones that didn’t quite work back with everything I already wore, or I ventured out from my usual repertoire and ended up with a piece that wasn’t aligned with how I dress. My look always tends to be polished, so if I stick to pieces that are within that realm, I’ll usually hang onto them.

Keep it considered

This is code for don’t impulse buy. I’ve rarely if ever ended up with a piece I bought on a whim sticking around in my closet for longer than a season or two. The things I’ve had for years, decades even, are the ones that I spent some time thinking about before I purchased it. This means looking at how I could wear it, what I could wear it with, and how much I actually loved it. If it’s not something I’m thinking about constantly or planning outfits with in my head before I buy it, it’s likely not going to last.

What are some of your strategies for buying pieces that you’ll have forever?


How I plan my outfits

24th April, 2022

Planning outfits helps me stay organised

I’m an outfit planner. My days are so varied that I like to take wardrobe dilemmas out of the equation as much as possible (that said, I’m not totally immune to a wardrobe crisis here and there) by mapping out my outfits. Some days I’m in full mum mode which means comfort is key but other days where I’m juggling work functions and Date with Kates I need to look a little more polished. Here are a few key ways that I make it work.

I always have inspo at the ready

Planning outfits is made much more stress-free if I have a few looks I’ve seen at my fingertips to inspire me. I tend to collect these as I go along whether it’s saving images on my Instagram or screenshotting particular looks I come across. If I am a bit stumped as to what to wear a quick scroll through these images will immediately get the styling juices flowing.

Wardrobe organisation

If there’s one thing that will make pulling an outfit together easier it’s an organised closet. My wardrobe is organised according to category so jackets together, jeans together and so forth so I know immediately where to look. There’s nothing worse than having a particular outfit in your only to find the shirt that pulls it all together is M.I.A. And to make things even simpler I compartmentalise all the pieces I wear all the time into a section in my wardrobe so I don’t have to search the rest of my closet and mess everything up in order to find what I’m looking for.

Wardrobe organisation is key for a seamless outfit planning session

Having a hero piece

I know some people start with a pair of shoes or a great necklace and work their outfit around that but I like to start with a particular garment whether it be a dress or pants. From there I build on the outfit with a jacket, shoes and bag. I think by just having one key item to start from it helps with creating an entire look rather than just trying to match random pieces together.

Making it versatile

There are times when my day is quite mixed so I need to make sure my outfits are versatile so they’re appropriate for a few different occasions. I sometimes have multiple events in a day so I have to ensure that I only need to change one thing to mix up the look as I don’t often have time to change. This can be as simple as changing the jacket I’m wearing to give the outfit a different vibe.

Giving myself enough time

I’m a planner but there are those people who plan their outfits the night before, even the week before and I’m the first to admit that I can’t work that way. I’d love to be that organised but I find I won’t feel like wearing something if I lay it out beforehand which totally defeats the purpose. So to combat this I try and factor outfit prep into my morning routine so I don’t get frazzled and end up running late. Even just an extra 10-15 minutes of time is enough to pull something together with minimal stress. I don’t want to completely leave it to chance though so I make sure most things I’m likely to reach for are clean and pressed so they’re ready to go.

What are some of your major wardrobe tips? I’d love to hear them so share them in the comments below.


25 of my fave denim looks

20th April, 2022

If there’s one thing that is a mainstay, can’t-live-without part of my wardrobe it is denim. I am guaranteed to be in it a few times a week because it’s versatile and it just works. I love the fact that it can be dressed up or down and paired back with everything from a t-shirt or singlet, to a blazer or statement blouse. Either way it’s comfortable, chic and oh-so easy. It also doesn’t hurt that denim is now pretty much accepted for most occasions too, so it’s a good failsafe option for those times where I’m not quite sure what I’m going to wear.

I often wear denim when I’m in off duty mode or doing the school run, either with a tee and sandals or a jumper and sneakers in winter. If I want to dress it up a bit more I’ll wear it with a blouse and blazer, or pop on a trench over the top and wear it back with a pair of loafers. The beauty in denim is that it can run the full spectrum of my wardrobe, from really casual to an event and either way it’s guaranteed to work.

In putting together this post I revisited a few of my fave denim looks and not only did I rediscover a few fave looks to wear again but it also showed how truly versatile it is. I’ve worn it on shoots, to Fashion Week, launches, fashion showings and everything in between. I do favour denim paired back with a few key things: a white t-shirt or shirt, a great shoe and some fun accessories. While I’ve found a skinny jean that I really love, I’ve also embraced a high waisted straight cut, a slightly baggier relaxed cut, a wide leg and shades ranging from a classic blue to a crisp white and black. Also, it’s great in its other iterations, from a jumpsuit to a denim skirt or dress. This is the beauty in denim — it can suit almost anyone’s style as there are so many cuts and silhouettes to choose from. So, if you’re a denim lover like me from way back or just starting to embrace it again after months of lounge wear, here are a few combinations to try…


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Great alternatives to try when you’re tired of wearing jeans

18th March, 2022

I wholeheartedly admit that I’m in jeans a lot of the time but there are times when I look in my wardrobe and think that I want to be comfortable but I just don’t feel like putting denim on. A great pair of jeans is always a failsafe option, but sometimes I just want to mix it up and try something else without having to compromise on comfort. So, what do I do then? Well I have a go-to alternatives to jeans that are equally as stylish, effortless and perfect for days on the go…


I’ve found that the billowy, relaxed silhouette of a pair of culottes such as the pair above is one of the comfiest things you can wear. Wear them with a shirt or tee, tucked in or out, and pair with everything from sneakers to heels, slides or flats. So versatile and effortless too.

Cropped chinos

Chinos have always been a handy staple to have but a cropped version of the style feels a lot fresher and more modern. You can easily dress them up or down which makes them ideal for workwear or a relaxing weekend.

Tapered jogger

These have all the comfort of a pair of tracksuit pants but infinitely more stylish. A tapered jogger looks great for days when you want to wear something simple and unfussy yet remain stylish and comfortable at the same time. You can easily throw on a great knit or pop on a casual trench over them and look put together.

Leggings are one way to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time


I live in leather leggings throughout winter as I’ve found them so easy to wear with everything in my closet. I can easily pair them with a blazer or a knit and be ready to walk out the door with minimum fuss. If leather leggings aren’t your thing, I think the silhouette is still great in other fabrications, just be sure to look for a thick, sturdy material that will retain its shape. If there’s one thing that’s a no-no it’s saggy leggings.

Midi skirt

When I’m in the mood for something a little more feminine but still equally as comfortable I opt for a midi skirt. One of my favourites is a knitted midi skirt which I’ve found to be really wearable and perfect for days on the go. It’s a great way to do casual dressing in a more elevated way.

Wide leg pants

I’m a huge fan of wide leg pants simply because they’re effortlessly stylish, making them an easy option when I want to style an outfit quickly. That said, there’s nothing quite as comfortable as a pair of billowy pants so I would definitely recommend them when you want something super easy to wear, that still looks polished.

A midi skirt is a feminine way to do casual dressing, and is such a versatile staple to have

My tips for dressing when you’re petite

20th February, 2022

A  lovely reader named Melissa messaged me on Facebook asking me for tips on how to dress when you’re petite. She found that often clothes would be too baggy and would look like they were overwhelming her frame. I can definitely relate! Finding things for your shape when you’re diminutive in size and stature can often involve a few extra steps to ensure the right and most flattering fit. If you’re in the same boat then rest assured because there are some easy ways to have a great wardrobe that works for you. Here are my tips on how to dress when you’re petite,

Get everything tailored

This is my number one tip to anyone, especially when you’re petite. Find yourself a great tailor that you like and start getting your clothes altered to fit perfectly. Often buying off the rack can mean that clothes can be a little too loose, too long or just not sitting perfectly and it pays to take the time to get everything tailored to fit. This is especially true of pants and jeans which can often be miles too long. The added benefit of getting clothing tailored is that you’ll always look polished. Win-Win.

Go for cropped lengths

I tend to favour anything cropped, especially when it comes to pants and jeans. I’ll usually make sure that my pants hit at the ankle or slightly above as I’ve found this can help elongate the frame. If you’ve got a pool of fabric gathering at your feet it can look messy and also end up making you look even shorter.

Always keep proportions in mind

Consider proportions

If something has too much volume it’s going to really swamp you so always pay attention to the proportions you’re working with. Try to go for pieces with structure as opposed to anything too floaty as this will help define your shape. Anything high waisted is great as it draws the eye upwards and ends up giving you a longer looking frame. Also if sleeves are too long try rolling them or pushing them up so you don’t look like you’re walking around in oversized clothing.

Avoid clunky shoes

I avoid anything with too much bulk and gravitate towards a streamlined aesthetic. Most of my heels tend to have a stiletto heel as I’ve found this helps elongate my figure and looks more in proportion. As for flats, I don’t really do flatforms or styles of that nature as I’ve found they just look too bulky. I go for sleek flats, sandals and slides that are quite minimalist in nature and don’t have too much extra ‘padding’ to them. Even my boots these days tend to be of the sock boot variety as I like the tighter fit compared to regular ankle boots.

Incorporate a fitted silhouette

I steer clear of anything too voluminous these days as I’ve found a fitted silhouette is far more flattering. I’m not saying you need to live in bodycon dresses 24/7 but you do need to be mindful that what you’re wearing is cut close to the body in some way. At a minimum, I like to keep one aspect of my look streamlined. Whether it be a pencil style skirt, a fitted top or a dress with either a tight top or bottom or a close fitting pant, there’s always got to be one element of my look that’s a little more figure hugging. This avoids the issue of looking like your clothes are wearing you and not the other way around.

Once you’ve found ways in which to ensure that your clothes fit perfectly, dressing when you’re petite doesn’t seem so much of a drama. In fact, you’ll probably learn to appreciate even more that good things really do come in small packages.

Do you have a fashion question you’re dying for advice on? Leave me a message below and I’ll answer it in a future blog post.


How to perfect the comfortable and chic work from home outfit

19th February, 2022

Perfecting the work from home outfit takes a lot of experimentation and a little trial and error. When I first began working from home after working in an office for so long I had to try and strike the right balance between sitting in my pyjamas the whole day and putting on my usual work outfits and feeling very overdressed. I knew I wanted to get dressed as if I was going somewhere as I found it helped boost my productivity and helped get me in the right frame of mind but I also wanted to take advantage of one of the perks of working from home, which is being able to dress in comfortable clothes. So, how to get it right? Here are a few of my tips.

Have an outfit formula

This is a good place to start if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the fact your entire wardrobe has suddenly opened up to you as office options. If you’re generally used to wearing a suit to work, the fact sweats are suddenly not a no-no can make it tricky to decide what to wear. So it’s a good idea to have an outfit formula that you can revert to when you’re stuck. For example one comfortable piece + one polished piece + one accessory = work outfit sorted. You can tweak this to work with your own style and what you feel great in.

Opt for comfortable staples

One of the best parts of working from home is being able to wear comfy pieces. Think a cosy knit, jeans or a classic white shirt or a jumpsuit to add a fun fashion element. Also choose fabrics carefully. You want breathable fabrics like cotton, linen and wool which will feel great to wear all day. These pieces will form the building blocks of most of your looks so be sure to be well stocked so getting dressed in the morning for work is a no-brainer.

Jeans and a white shirt is a great WFH uniform

Pair basics with polished pieces

Just because you’re aiming for comfort it doesn’t mean you can’t add something to maintain an element of polish. For example a great blazer over the top of a white tee and jeans feels put together but will still be perfect for a day of working from home. While a cosy cardi looks great with a simple, but sleek slip dress. It’s about the high-low mix.

Have a dress code

Implement a home office dress code for yourself. You want to give yourself some parameters to work in, which will in turn make choosing your outfits in the morning easier. For example perhaps track pants are out but a comfy leather legging or mum jean is in. It’s all about what helps you feel productive and signals that it’s time for work not play.

Accessories are your friend

Add accessories

As with most outfits, accessories are a fun way to inject a little personality into them. The addition of a silk scarf with jeans and a denim for example will instantly elevate it, making it look chic and polished. While understated jewellery can help your outfit feel a little more finished.

Embrace flats or a block heel

Shoes tend to be optional when working from home but if you do want to go for a full outfit then definitely embrace a beautiful flat or a comfy block heels. Shoes such as a leather loafer or a ballet flat are perfect for staying in. But if you’re a heels girl through and through, perhaps park the stiletto for another time and become friends with the comfy block heel—there’s no better time than now to truly embrace comfortable dressing.



The one thing I always do when I plan an outfit

12th February, 2022

Oh dress codes. I find that some people are either a stickler for sticking to a dress code or they will just try and remain in the vicinity of it. I’m the former. In fact, it’s the one thing I will always consider when I plan an outfit. My job often requires me to go from a casual launch one minute to a black tie event the next so to me dress codes are a way of guiding my outfit planning for the week. Even without a stated dress code my brain tends to go into that mode and I will allocate one to whatever event it is I’m going to as it helps provide me with some styling structure.

When it comes to deciding what I’ll be wearing the one thing I never do is start with a single accessory such as a hat or shoes. I know lots of women who will tend to work around a particular piece but it’s just one of those things that has never really worked for me. I tend to get in a better styling frame of mind when I can work with a solid base such as the dress I want to wear (in keeping with the dress code of course!) and then visualise the pieces that will work with it. Usually I find this gives me a more cohesive look and I’m able to pull together something a little easier.

I find that if I’ve got a dress code in mind it helps everything to fall into place and gives me some focus on the outfit I need to plan. For example if I’m going to a work lunch, I’ll generally stick to a particular section of my wardrobe—dresses, skirts, tailored pants and it having this in mind helps pulling an outfit together. If it’s a Sunday morning and I’m heading out for coffee, I’ll generally even have my unspoken dress code for that—it’s all about comfort, comfort, comfort! It’s a little tactic I’ve adopted for as long as I can remember and it really does help me avoid a wardrobe dilemma or two.

Which camp do you fall into? And how important are dress codes to you when it comes to styling your outfits?