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I go to numerous events in a year—here’s how I’ve made dressing for them easier

29th November, 2023

From product launches, to parties and racing events, not to mention occasions like weddings and birthday celebrations I can often find myself with multiple functions in a month scheduled in my diary. That’s a whole lot of event dressing to contend with. It can become a time consuming process so I’ve managed to refine my system down to a few key things to make it easier for myself. If you’ve found yourself with a booked social calendar then you may want to nab a few of my tried and tested tips to make the whole process a cinch.

Three-step beauty prep

I could be wearing an amazing dress but if I’ve let things lapse in the beauty department it dilutes the effect of getting dressed up. There just aren’t enough hours in a day to spend on beauty prep before a big event so I’ve managed to get it down to three things.

A spray tan is great as it’s almost a shortcut to looking amazing—you get that glowy effect without having to do much at all.

I always book myself in for a Shellac mani. I do this in racing season when I know I’ve got a few functions back to back and need my nail colour to last. Instead of matching my nail colour to each outfit which would just take up way too much time, I always choose a shade that can work with myriad looks. A neutral shade or a wine/burgundy colour works a treat as there’s not much that it doesn’t go with.

I’ve always believed that the foundation to great makeup is skin in tip top condition so I always book myself in for blueberry peel from one of my fave spots, The Clinic in Sydney. It’s ideal right before a big event as it helps reset my skin and ensure it’s in good shape. That said, a simple at-home sheet mask or peel can also work towards rejuvenating your skin for a big event.

I don’t wear new shoes

Wearing stilettos right out of the box to an event is a disaster waiting to happen. You need to give footwear a bit of time to stretch and get comfortable, otherwise you risk having them rub while you’re wearing them, in turn causing blisters. Ouch. I’ll often wear new shoes around the house a few days beforehand to break them in and get used to walking in them. Otherwise I’ll just opt for one of my fave heels that I’ve worn plenty of times before because I can guarantee I’ll be comfortable being in them for hours.

I turn to my go-to brands

I love browsing through stores such as Net-a-Porter for a big occasion as every brand I could want is at my fingertips, and it’s great for a little fashion inspiration. However over the years I’ve managed to find a handful of brands that haven’t let me down when it comes to their offering for event dressing. I’ll often go to them first as I then don’t have to spend ages scouring different labels as I’ll almost always find something that I like. I can’t go past Bec and Bridge, Rebecca Vallance, Camilla and Marc, Scanlan Theodore and Dion Lee when I’m searching for an outfit for a big function. It’s always a good idea to have a few key favourites you can check out, that you know suit your style and your shape.

I’m selective in what colour I wear

Lately I’ve been gravitating towards for colour for big events as I find it’s impactful and really stands out. Vibrant reds, punchy yellows… I’ve worn them to a few occasions such as launches and weddings. If I’m borrowing something then a bright hue is definitely where I like to head. However if I’m purchasing something and I’m trying to get maximum wear out of a particular item, then I can’t go past classic tones of creams, blacks and greys. Not only do they work for multiple occasions but if I also choose something in a really simple cut and style, they’re so easy to transform by changing up my accessories.

What are some of your tips for dressing for events?


Why you shouldn’t make purchases based on the price tag

18th November, 2023

Hands up if you’ve ever made a shopping decision based on the price tag? Either something was marked down to ridiculously cheap so you had to buy it or you thought that because something was quite pricey meant you were making a good buy? It’s something we’ve all done and it can be easy to succumb to the allure of a bargain. I’m not saying that price isn’t a factor in purchasing something because it definitely is however it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. I think there’s more to take into account before buying anything than simply how much it costs.

What to look for

I always critically examine anything I’m considering buying. I will look at the fabrication as often delicate fabrics require a lot more specialised care which can be expensive in the long run and also labour intensive. I’d much rather be able to just throw something into the washing machine and know that it’s going to come out fine. I’ll take into account the style and how often I’ll get wear out of it and what it can work with in my existing wardrobe. Also I like to think of how trendy something is. If it’s a one season only type of purchase then I’m more likely to find the most economical version of it I can find. A classic staple on the other hand is something I’m more than willing to invest in because I know I’ll have it for seasons to come.

Style is more than how much money you spend

Once I’ve thought through my checklist the price either starts to seem reasonable or I’ll come to the conclusion I’m better off saving my fashion dollars for another buy. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve snapped up something at a sale in the past as I thought “this is such a good price” only to find that I actually didn’t end up wearing it. I’ve also invested in some quite expensive things to come to the same outcome. So I’ve learnt to examine things holistically rather than just making price-based decisions. Also it’s important to remember that price doesn’t always equal style. Wearing designer from head to toe doesn’t automatically make your style more superior to someone. And I can attest first hand that chain stores have given me some of my favourite outfits to date. It really is down to how you let your personality shine through your clothes and the confidence that you project when you’re wearing it. And that has nothing to do with price tags.

Photography: Artem Bali on Unsplash


How to improve the versatility of your wardrobe

5th November, 2023

Like most women I like to ensure that my wardrobe is wearable and versatile. This means that everything works together harmoniously and there are no one-off pieces that I can’t wear with anything else except for a particular pair of pants/skirt/top. The exception to this would be occasion wear such as a gown for a black tie dinner for example that realistically isn’t really going to be high on rotation. Given that my schedule is so mixed and I can be at a work event, doing an interview or hanging out at home with the girls throughout the week I have to ensure that what’s in my closet can accommodate all these different facets of my life. So, how do I do this? Well there are a few key things that have helped me do this…

Assess your wardrobe

The key with a versatile wardrobe is knowing what you already own. If you approach outfit planning and purchases strategically you’re more likely to have a wearable collection of clothes that can be worked back with multiple pieces. If you just buy things on a whim you may end up with a beautiful red top that goes with absolutely nothing in your closet and you’re then forced to purchase something else to go with it.

Opt for neutrals

I am a big fan of neutrals for the fact that they are so easy to mix and match. I can take one cream jumper in my closet for example and find that it can work with a multitude of pants and skirts quite easily. Whilst a few hits of bold colour is great if you want a truly versatile wardrobe you have to start with a fairly blank canvas to start with and that’s where shades such as white, cream, beige and grey work a treat.

Keep it simple

Pared back pieces give you the luxury of being able to style them in multiple ways, dressed up or down. You’re more likely to get more wears out of a plain pair of blue jeans for example as opposed to one with lots of embroidery or embellishment because you don’t have too many other competing factors to take into account. By making simplicity your style mantra you can take a few key items and extend their wear.

Implement the 10 outfit rule

Before buying anything ask yourself if you can wear said item with 10 other things you own. If the answer is yes, you’ve got a great piece, high on the versatility scale. If it’s a no then it might be time to go back to the drawing board and look harder for something else that might be more wearable. You’ll soon find that by doing this you not only grow your wardrobe in a way that avoids the ‘I have nothing to wear’ problem but that you don’t waste money on unnecessary one hit wonder purchases.

Neutral hues are always guaranteed to be versatile


The little details that make or break an outfit

2nd November, 2023

The little things can make or break a look

Being stylish doesn’t come down to how much money you’ve spent on a particular outfit. A great look isn’t all about brands or labels. When it comes to a look that just works, it’s about the little details that can make or break it. There’s an attention to detail aspect of fashion that when utilised can really turn an outfit from good to great. Paying attention to the small things can help achieve a better overall effect so your outfit, no matter what brand or how much money you’ve spent on it, can look on point. Here are a few key things to pay attention to, always.


We often think about how an outfit looks but forget about the one thing it’s made of, which is the fabric. The fabrication of an item clothing can really make or break it. A shirt can look so different when for example it’s in a crisp cotton versus linen versus silk. It’s all about how you want a garment to present. Do you want it to look casual? Super polished and professional? The fabrics that you wear can often lead the way when it comes to the vibe you’re wanting to put forward. For example, a silk trouser has a very different feel to a linen pant. It’s important to think about this when you’re trying to put an outfit together.

The fit

How something fits and sits on the body really can make or break it. It’s always a good idea to ensure that your clothes fit just right (it’s the Goldilocks approach). You don’t want anything that’s way too oversized or way too small. A shirt for example that’s a tad too small so it has a puckered effect where the buttons aren’t sitting quite flat doesn’t present as well as a shirt that’s a good fit and leaves you enough room to move comfortably. The same with pants with a waist that’s far too small or big, you don’t want your pants to gape at the back but you don’t want them to be so tight you’re left with a muffin top effect either! If you can, invest in a little tailoring of the clothes that don’t fit well so you can remedy the parts that need fixing.

Attention to detail really is everything

Everything sits right

A stray thread.  A missing button. Wrinkles and creases on your clothes… these are all things that can really spoil how an outfit looks. It pays to take care of what you’re putting on your body, by fixing garments when needed and showing them the care they deserve.

There’s at least one element of interest

The people whose style I really love always have something about their outfit that feels a little different and adds personality. Whether it’s a statement piece, a signature item or even just the fact they’ve chosen to roll their sleeves a certain way, really well dressed people tend to own their look by adding an interesting feature. For some this comes innately (lucky them!) but for most of us, this requires playing around with an outfit, adding pieces here and there to elevate it and avoid it looking pedestrian. An outfit should be an expression of who you are so ensure that there’s always an element of you in what you wear.





The rules of timeless style

27th July, 2023

Timeless style is so aspirational because of its effortless nature—it’s an aesthetic that has the power to move through the seasons every year, and often gifts the wearer the ability to dress with minimal fuss. Why? Because every piece is considered and every piece is guaranteed to work. At the core of every timeless look, are pieces that have stood the test of time, and have proven themselves to be worthy of being labelled a classic. And when you’re able to work with a wardrobe that ticks all those boxes, then you know that your look is one that has longevity on its side. Here are some important timeless style rules to remember.

Avoid trends

Trends are fun, but they’re trends because they do come and go. If your ultimate goal is to achieve timeless style, then it’s important to focus on pieces that have longevity as opposed to jumping aboard every new ‘it’ style every season.

Go for classic silhouettes

There are just some silhouettes that have proven themselves to stand the test of time. A tailored pant. A structured blazer. A cinched in shirt dress. A voluminous midi skirt or a great wrap style. These are all staples that are designed to last for years to come. Look at the styles that are a constant and embrace them loyally.

Take a measured approach to accessorising

Accessories are a fundamental part of any look but a timeless ensemble is all about taking a considered approach to your accoutrements. This means looking at your outfit and thinking about each accessory telling a cohesive story. While statement pieces are great, it’s also about making sure that you let each piece sing, without competing for centre stage.

Embrace simplicity

Timeless style is effortless and elegant, and at it’s core it’s about embracing a simple approach to dressing. It’s about opting for pieces that are understated, yet when pieced together, make a strong look. Consider clean lines, a streamlined design, and less is more detail.

Choose quality

Timeless goes hand in hand with quality. If you want your look to have the ability to transcend seasons, it’s worth investing in quality pieces that are built to last. Whether it’s a soft, buttery leather bag or a crisp, stylish trench coat, be mindful of fabrication and construction as the tell-tale signs of a look that has longevity.

Know your style

Classic style is about knowing your look. What works, what doesn’t and what is quintessentially you. Someone who is assured about their approach to fashion will often achieve a timeless vibe with everything they wear, simply because they know their look and wear it with confidence.


Shop my edit of timeless pieces



How to keep your clothes looking pristine

17th July, 2023

We all invest a fair amount of money on our clothes over time so it’s important to ensure they last season after season. If your clothes don’t tend to go the distance it may be time to tweak your clothes maintenance routine. Adopt some of these basics and you could well give your clothes a new lease on life.

Say goodbye to wire hangers

If you want to keep your clothes’ shape be sure to invest in wooden hangers or flocked hangers. Wire hangers tend to end up misshapen and don’t provide enough support so you’ll end up with wrinkled, bunched up clothes. Additionally you don’t want to have delicates such as a silk shirt snagging on a hanger. Plus when you’re flicking through your clothes rail it’s highly likely wire hangers will end up in a gnarly mess which will make it much harder to find what you’re looking for.

Folding and sorting

When it comes to closet organisation be sure to fold anything that can easily be stretched out such as t-shirts and knits. Hang garments that tend to wrinkle easily such as dresses and shirts.

Follow care instruction labels

Yes, they might be a pain to follow at times but going rogue when a garment clearly states dry clean only or throwing something in the washing machine when it specifies hand washing it will compromise the quality of a garment. If you want your clothes to stay in the same condition as when you first bought it it’s important to launder it as instructed.

Always separate your clothes into whites, brights and dark colours

Failing to separate your clothes will mean that your once bright white t-shirt may end up looking dull and grey as a lot of garments aren’t colourfast which means colour molecules will end up settling on lighter coloured garments.

Examine where you do the most damage to your clothes

Are you constantly damaging your clothes in the same spots? It’s time to look at how you can minimise it. For example if you’re always getting frayed hems it could mean that you need to hem your pants a little higher to avoid it dragging on the ground or alternatively you may need to limit the shoes you wear to a particular height. Pinpointing how you damage your clothes the most means you’re better able to avoid it.

Don’t ignore stains

Deal with a stain immediately to avoid it setting in. A baby wipe or soda water will help temporarily treat a stain if you’re out and about but be sure to dab it with a pre-stain treatment and wash immediately when you get home.

What are some ways you keep your clothes in great condition?


The “wrong shoe theory” fashion hack you need to know

12th July, 2023


There’s a styling trick doing the rounds right now, coined “the wrong shoe theory” by stylist Allison Bornstein and it has gained quite some traction. The theory goes something like this: when it comes to choosing footwear for an outfit, pick the most unexpected shoe option you can. As Allison told Vogue, it’s about wearing a shoe that’s slightly mismatched or ‘off’. This gives an outfit a little extra personality and makes it feel a little more unique to a person’s style.

So, how does this theory work in practice? Well, if you’ve seen some of the outfits that have been trending of late, it’s about taking a look and disrupting it with your choice of footwear. Think a suit worn with a pair of thongs (the dressy kind a la The Row Ginza sandal not the rubber Havaianas variety!) or a pair of shorts worn with slingback heels. Or something like the look below with a tailored trouser and shirt, but worked back with Converse sneakers. Generally you’ll know you’re on the right track when you go against the shoe that is your first instinctual choice – that’s the “right” shoe. The wrong shoe is one that will feel not quite spot on, but that’s the vibe you’re going for. This will force you to go against your outfit instincts but be honest with the result? Does it work? Do you have an outfit that suddenly looks and feels a little more interesting? We so often end up dressing on autopilot a lot of the time, this shoe goes with that dress, that this is a great way to force you out of your comfort zone.

I’ve tried this theory out myself! I wore the above pants which are dressier and tailored and wore them with a chunky sandal rather than say a refined flat or slide, and liked the direction it took the outfit in. It felt a little more fashion foward and not quite so prescriptive. I also do this with my chunky dad sandals a lot — I’ll pair them with a dress or a skirt or even a suit and I find it freshens the outfit up a lot.

So, if you’re feeling a little flat about your wardrobe why not try throwing on the “wrong” shoe? You could just find yourself with just the right outfit.




The list that will help you improve your style

21st June, 2023

It’s great to have a vision for something but it’s often the execution which can be the sticking point for many of us. So, it’s a great idea to write it down (a Harvard study actually found that the 3% of students who wrote their goals down ended up earning more than the other 97% combined) to help you hone in on what you want and visualise it. Actually putting pen to paper and writing your thoughts down makes it easier to achieve what you set out to do.

And while you’ve probably mapped out your goals for key areas like work, finance and health, I do find that taking the time to map out your sartorial goals will help you avoid fashion meltdowns, spend less and generally end up with a more wearable wardrobe. Ready to start? Here are the four key places I think it’s worth focusing on.


Ask yourself what you want to action when it comes to your wardrobe this year. Is it adopting a more minimalist approach? Is it shopping less? Is it avoiding wardrobe dilemmas first thing in the morning? The answers to these questions will help you define what you want to do fashion-wise this year. Once you know what you want to achieve, start breaking it down into actionable steps. So if you want to pare your wardrobe back, then schedule in a wardrobe decluttering session, then follow that up with organising your closet to keep the momentum going.


What are the things you want more of? Whether you simply want more time every day to drink your coffee instead of running around trying to get dressed for work, or that you want more flattering go-to pieces, this is the time to identify what it is that’s going to be your fashion mantra for the year. Look what what you want more of in your life when it comes to fashion. This will keep you in check when you want to buy something but it may not work within the context of the goals you’re trying to achieve, or help you direct your attention to something that will help you tick things off your list.

Having fashion list will help you with you to get to know your style

Being a more conscious consumer is something many of us are working on, so instead of buying non-stop it’s important to take a step back and pinpoint what you actually need—and also what you have in abundance already. So, if you’ve got five perfectly fine stripey tees, do you really need another? It’s also a great opportunity to pinpoint the things you might want to phase out of your fashion repertoire. Perhaps you had clung onto a particular style that no longer works for you? If so, now is the perfect time to start afresh.


I’m a firm believer in having a fashion hit list. Look at the things you’d really like to add to your wardrobe and note them down. This will help you from making impulse purchases and instead keep you focused on the things that you should direct your hard earned dollars towards. Would you rather save and buy that dream bag or waste it on smaller purchases that you may not really love for more than a season? Having a defined ‘want’ list will help you shop smarter and also work towards a more cohesive wardrobe.

What strategies do you currently use to help you navigate your wardrobe?


How to get more wear out of the clothes you already own

17th June, 2023

If you were to categorise everything in your closet into clothes you wear all the time to those you barely wear, how big would each pile be? I’m guessing like most people, your barely wear pile would be far bigger than those that you do. So what can you do about it? One strategy would be to do a big cull and pull together the perfect capsule wardrobe consisting of only the pieces you truly want to wear. Whilst effective, it’s not for everyone. So if you’re not quite ready to part with things from your wardrobe and want to give other pieces you own more love, try employing some of the following techniques to get more wear out of the clothes you already own.

Do an edit

You don’t have to do a drastic overhaul but it does help to give your wardrobe a clean and get rid of any items that you realistically won’t wear whether it’s because it no longer fits, is damaged beyond repair or just really not your thing anymore. Doing this will leave you with a fresher edit of clothes that only consists of pieces that you’ll definitely be able to use.

Keep an outfit journal

Write down what you wear every day (even if it’s just for a month) and note down any things you notice when you wear a particular item. This could be something such as a particular top that brought you many compliments, or a pair of pants that made you look a little bigger than you actually are. Take note of the clothes that make you feel great. This exercise serves two purposes: you are able to see in black and white what pieces you gravitate to all the time and in turn help you pinpoint other things in your closet that may serve as an alternative. Plus it helps you identify the styles of clothing which make you feel amazing, which in turn could help you start to wear other similar pieces a whole lot more.

Theme your week

You can pick a particular style or look to inspire your outfits for a week. For example it could be denim week, which means that every single day, you have to wear a denim item (without repeating if possible). So instead of just heading for your fave jeans all the time, this could help you unearth that denim dress that’s been hiding in the back of your closet or the chambray shirt that you don’t wear nearly as often as you should.

Pick a colour

This is a similar principle but it involves choosing a particular hue to focus on. So it might mean that for the next 7 days you have to try and incorporate a yellow item in your outfit. This could help you resurface certain pieces in your closet that haven’t been getting nearly as much airtime as they should.

Call for reinforcements

Invite someone over, whether it’s a friend, a sibling or your mum to look in your closet and pick out at least 10 things they’d really like to see you wear. Often, they’re looking at your wardrobe with fresh eyes, so will spot clothes that perhaps you’d forgotten you even owned.

Document your closet

As anyone who has ever watched the movie Clueless can attest, there’s something quite handy about cataloguing your wardrobe to help with better outfit styling. There’s even apps like Stylebook which help you with the entire process now, so can pretty much have your entire wardrobe in your phone so you can style on the run. By being able to see everything you own (rather than just relying on peering into your closet and hoping for inspiration to strike) you’re able to have a better chance of wearing more of what you own.

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How to elevate your weekend wardrobe

28th May, 2023

Ahhh weekends. There’s nothing better than enjoying a little down time at the end of a hectic week and for me that also applies to my wardrobe. I’m all about comfort plus when it comes to what I wear an Saturday and Sunday but it doesn’t mean that I compromise on the style front.

I think you can still achieve a really nice balance between your fave trackies and being dressed to the nines (something I became familiar as soon as I started working from home). I’ve built up a great arsenal of casual pieces since I’ve become a mum (silk shirts just aren’t made for playgrounds) so this has in turn been able to translate into my off duty looks as well. Here’s how you can elevate your weekend wardrobe into something comfortable yet polished.

Revamp pieces with a white tee

A white t-shirt can be paired with so many things — wear it under a slip dress, pop it on with a skirt or tuck it into wide legged pants so it pays to have a few in your closet. It’s honestly the easiest thing to mix and match and will save you many wardrobe hassles over the weekend. I’ve also found teaming a white tee with dressier piece also tones them down a bit and makes it appropriate for casual day wear, expanding the use of your wardrobe even more.

Try a printed skirt

A beautiful printed skirt is a seriously comfortable option as far as weekend wear goes, but it looks so chic at the same time. Try a pleated skirt or a wrap style with a striking print for an of-the-moment outfit. Pair it with a lightweight sweater or a tee or singlet and a pair of sneakers and you’re ready for whatever the day throws at you.

Invest in great sneakers

I live in sneakers most of the time so I’ve found that having a go-to pair is ideal. Classic white sneakers will go with virtually everything you own whether that be your favourite jeans or a summer dress. They’re a definite workhorse so you can stock up on a few different styles and get plenty of use out of them.

Update your look with fun frames

A pair of sunglasses is always within easy reach whenever I leave the house and I’ve found it to be one of the easiest ways to make a look feel polished and ‘now’. Try the small frame sunglasses trend if you’re feeling a little adventurous with your sunnies or a colourful pair which will inject a little playfulness into any outfit.

Have a go-to carryall

Whether you opt for a chic backpack, a roomy tote or a crossbody style it’s always a good idea to swap to a more casual, take-anywhere bag on the weekend. I’ve found that a reliable and study carryall made from leather is something that will last you many seasons. Also switching from my work bag to an off duty bag also helps me get into the right mindset for relaxation.

Dress it up

Dresses are without a doubt one of the easiest things you can ever put on simply because there’s no need to worry about mixing and matching tops and bottoms. I’ve found slip dresses are a simple shortcut to looking on trend and chic, plus you can mix up the look of them by wearing a t-shirt underneath.

Turn to chic co-ord sets

I love co-ordinating sets. Whether it be a shell top with shorts or a jumper with jogger pants there’s something quite effortless about matching separates that makes you look instantly pulled together. They’re a major trend at the moment so you’ll no doubt find a set that works within your style and budget this season.

What are some ways you’ve elevated your weekend look?