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What I wore working from home

7th May, 2020

As I’m slowly getting used to working from home, I’ve been experimenting with my looks a lot more to change things up. It’s nice to be able to tap into my love of fashion to help bring some brightness into my day. It’s also the number one way to get me in the right frame of mind for work — if I feel like I’m dressed for an ordinary day in the office then I find I’ll get in the zone a lot easier. So, here’s what my wardrobe looked like this week.

I spoke about these jeans recently and they’ve become a staple of my WFH wardrobe. One of the best things about working from home is the dress code changes according to my mood so ripped jeans are totally a thing in the office! I’ve paired this with a great little black knit with 3/4 sleeves from Bec and Bridge and it’s just an easy combination that I keep coming back to.

Credits: Top, Bec and Bridge; Jeans (similar here), Ksubi

I can still get away with wearing a slip dress at home with the temperatures in Sydney so I took the opportunity to rock this colourful number. Love the pattern and colours and it’s an easy outfit option that makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier. If I’m feeling a little cold I’ll just pop on a cardi or a light jacket on top and I’m set.

Credits: Dress, Suboo

A matching set is such a good iso wardrobe option because it’s a great shortcut to looking polished, but doesn’t compromise on comfort. I love the khaki shade of this top and pants combination from Bondi Born, and both can be worn separately too which ticks the versatility box. Also this set is made from a super soft lyocell, and when worn in the form of wide leg pants and a relaxed shirt, it basically feels like I’m wearing pyjamas the entire day — no complaints about that!

Credits: Top and pants, Bondi Born

I was in the mood for something a bit dressier so I decided on this Camilla and Marc dress. The cut-outs and ruching detail gives a pretty finish, while the billowy sleeves add an on trend touch. I can see myself really getting a lot of wear from this dress because it’s the kind of thing that’s comfortable but looks so gorgeous on.

Credits: Dress, Camilla and Marc

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What I wore working from home

30th April, 2020

Another week in the home office and I’ve taken to doing complete looks on some days ie wearing proper shoes as it just helps me get into work mode. I’ve also taken to reworking my activewear and popping on some brights to mix things up a bit. I’m embracing the comfy WFH pant more and more, while I’ve still managed to make blazers very much a part of my work from home wardrobe (they’re a great for “I’ve got a video call in five minutes and need to look decent” scenarios). All in all, I’m trying to have fun with my outfits which helps give my days a little normality, as it’s definitely something that I would always have done pre-isolation.

A little injection of brightness always helps me feel energised. We’ve had some warm days in Sydney this week so I opted for this yellow dress by S/W/F. I’ve really been loving my Aje chainlink necklace, it’s so easy to work back with several of my outfits.

Credits: Dress, S/W/F; Necklace, Aje

This is one of my fave office looks as it’s comfortable but looks polished at the same time—perfect for video calls. I can’t praise these white Uniqlo t-shirts enough. They hold their shape well and are a great staple to have as they’re so reasonably priced. I popped on this longline jacket by Manning Cartell just because and these Bottega Venetta heels because I just felt like doing a complete look.

Credits: Top, Uniqlo; Jacket, Manning Cartell, Jeans (similar here), Levis; Heels, Bottega Venetta

I saw a friend do this look on her Instagram Stories and loved it (thanks, Jess!). I’ve been really getting into this new activewear set by Camilla and Marc as it looks really polished and is unbelievably comfortable too. The shirt just helps it feel a little more like a fashion look and helped me rework these pieces in a different way.

Credits: Crop and bike shorts, Camilla and Marc; Shirt (similar here), Anna Quan; Headphones, Huawei FreeBuds

I’ve been getting a lot of use from this long sleeved Bec & Bridge knit. It’s a great autumnal shade and I love the thumb holes in the sleeves which gives it an interesting design element. I’m all about comfy WFH pants and this white pair, also by Bec and Bridge, ticks all the boxes. Also loving these mules by Seed—they’re priced well and go with so many things.

Credits: Top and Pants, Bec and Bridge; Mules, Seed

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What I wore working from home

23rd April, 2020

I had a few work calls this week so it called for a few dressier pieces. It’s actually something I was quite happy to do as it gave me an excuse to get dressed up a little more—sometimes you just need a break from comfy clothes to change things up! Also I did a little experimentation this week with a few alternatives to jeans, and I have to say, I’m becoming all about relaxed pants. They’re so great to wear while working and it helps me feel a little more polished. Here’s what I wore this week:

Getting maximum wear from every purchase is key to me so I decided to wear these pants from a Manning Cartell suit I own and pair with with a simple black tank given the weather was a bit warmer in Sydney this week. I’m also wearing heels! I was just missing that feeling of being dressed for a day out so thought why not? I didn’t have them on the entire day but it did feel nice to look put together.

Credits: Tank and pants, Manning Cartell, Shoes, Camilla and Marc

Back in jeans here because I cannot live without them right now. I love the jeans as they’re comfortable, and I love the fact they have a high waist. I paired it with a simple brown skivvy and popped on a pair of Aje earrings to elevate the look.

Credits: Skivvy, Bec and Bridge; Jeans, Levis; Earrings, Aje

Here I am in my other go-to WFH pants. They’re so unbelievably comfortable and perfect for working but also for running around after the girls. I just popped a tank as it was a warm-ish day and added a great Aje necklace to finish off the look. Also I can’t stress enough how important good basics such as simple tanks and tees are right now. They’re easily the workhorses of my wardrobe right now and I’m wearing them non-stop.

Credits: White tank, Cotton On; Pants, Manning Cartell; Necklace, Aje

Work call day. I could’ve just worn the blouse with some pants but I was in the mood to wear something dressy so I paired it with the matching skirt. Also I had all these new winter pieces ready to go so I’m trying to at least get some wear out of them even if I’m not really leaving the house. I’m a big fan of this pink hue and wearing bright colours is a nice way to lift my spirits and help me feel more energised to tackle work.

Credits: Shirt and skirt, Camilla and Marc


What I wore working from home

16th April, 2020

Another week in isolation and another week of trying to style work from home outfits. I’m getting to the point now where I sometimes just throw on something quite dressy just to break up my wardrobe a little and give myself a little pause from my usual quarantine staples of knits, jeans, activewear and loungewear. As a result, here’s what I’ve been wearing.

These two pieces look dressy but are probably as comfy as wearing activewear. They jeans are lovely and soft and the jumper is really cosy. Plus I am loving the colour combination of baby blue with white, it’s quite fresh and a departure from the usual deeper, richer tones that are synonymous with autumn.

Credits: Pants and knit, Bec and Bridge

Yes, I felt like dressing up one day and this was the result. I am really loving all things pink and this set was something that I could throw on and not have to worry about mixing and matching. One of the many, many reasons why I love a co-ord set—it’s like getting dressed on autopilot.

Credits: Top and skirt: Manning Cartell; Sneakers, Chanel

I am a longtime fan of white shirt worked back with denim. This blouse is a different take on a classic white shirt. I love the corset effect (don’t let that fool you, it’s actually really comfortable to wear) and the voluminous sleeves. It was a fun way to do the classic combination of white tee with denim, but just a little more polished.

Credits: Top, Joslin Studio; Jeans, Levis 501; Chain Necklace, Aje

I wanted something easy to throw on and honestly what’s easier than a maxi dress. When you go for a relaxed style such as this they’re just as comfy as loungewear but you feel a little more put together when wearing one.

Credits: Dress, Steele

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The best tops for your next work video call

13th April, 2020

Personal video calls with family and friends are great as you can pretty much be in your PJs and no one will bat an eyelid but work calls are another matter. It’s still important to look presentable even if people can only see you via a tiny square. So while you can be wearing your fave fluffy slippers and tracksuit pants on the bottom, your top is another story. You need to look business ready up north so it’s a great idea to have a few comfy, yet polished tops that you can quickly throw on when it’s time to jump on a call.

While working from home outfits are largely about staying comfortable, I think it’s still possible to achieve that and maintain an element of polish to most of your ensembles. And your choice of top is an easy way to do that. Think man style button down shirts, cosy knits that are made for snuggling in, wrap tops or simple long-sleeved tees with statement details like a subtle puffed sleeve or ruffle. These are great for wearing when you’re jumping on a call but are appropriate for being in WFH mode.

I’ve rounded up a few great options for you to check out, and there are some gorgeous picks at every price point. And yes, you’ll definitely be able to transition these tops to the office once everything is back to normal so you’re guaranteed to get plenty of wear out of them.

Shop my edit of work-appropriate video call tops below.

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What I wore working from home

7th April, 2020

If there’s one thing I make a point of doing when working from home it’s that I still try to make an effort to dress up in outfits that I love. Not to say I don’t love being in my cosiest, softest pieces but as I’ve said here, there’s something about actually putting on a proper outfit and getting dressed that helps me get into the right frame of mind to power through my to-do list. So here’s what I’ve worn over the last few days.

Who else can’t live without a great pair of jeans right now? I have had this Camilla and Marc pair forever and they’re so comfortable and hold their shape really well. I decided to pop an earthy Bec and Bridge chocolate top on as I wanted to wear a warm autumnal shade and finished it off with a pair of fun AJE statement earrings.

Credits: Top, Bec and Bridge; Jeans (similar here), Camilla and Marc; Earrings, AJE

Whenever I’m feeling a bit flat wearing a bit of colour always helps so I thought why not wear a pastel yellow today? Also dresses are such a comfortable option to wear all day so it was a no-brainer. The sweet smocking and puffed sleeves also added a nice feminine touch. Topped it all off with a statement necklace because why not?

Credits: Dress, S/W/F; Necklace, AJE

I wanted to get a bit more dressed up today. because I had a few conference calls to do so this ultra cute pink suit was the ideal option. I’m still embracing suiting when the WFH circumstances call for it, and this suit as an added bonus is really quite light and perfect for work. Also who else loves the longline silhouette of this Manning Cartell jacket? It’s such a great cut and is perfect when worked back with denim too. I wore these Camilla and Marc heels because, well, frankly I just really wanted to wear them.

Credits: Suit pants and jacket, Manning Cartell; Heels, Camilla and Marc

I wanted to squeeze in a workout today and was also going to be spending a large chunk of my time with the girls in between working so activewear seemed the ideal option. The beauty of this Camilla and Marc set is that it’s such a sleek design it makes you feel like you’re not really wearing activewear. I wore this bum bag by P.E Nation when I had to duck out to pick up something from the shops, and have also had my Huawei FreeBuds handy at all times because it means I can make calls and listen to music throughout the day unencumbered.

Credits: Crop top and bike shorts: Camilla and Marc; Bum bag, P.E Nation; Earphones, Huawei FreeBuds

What work from home staples can you not live without right now?


How to perfect the comfortable and chic work from home outfit

6th April, 2020

Perfecting the work from home outfit takes a lot of experimentation and a little trial and error. When I first began working from home after working in an office for so long I had to try and strike the right balance between sitting in my pyjamas the whole day and putting on my usual work outfits and feeling very overdressed. I knew I wanted to get dressed as if I was going somewhere as I found it helped boost my productivity and helped get me in the right frame of mind but I also wanted to take advantage of one of the perks of working from home, which is being able to dress in comfortable clothes. So, how to get it right? Here are a few of my tips.

Have an outfit formula

This is a good place to start if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the fact your entire wardrobe has suddenly opened up to you as office options. If you’re generally used to wearing a suit to work, the fact sweats are suddenly not a no-no can make it tricky to decide what to wear. So it’s a good idea to have an outfit formula that you can revert to when you’re stuck. For example one comfortable piece + one polished piece + one accessory = work outfit sorted. You can tweak this to work with your own style and what you feel great in.

Opt for comfortable staples

One of the best parts of working from home is being able to wear comfy pieces. Think a cosy knit, jeans or a classic white shirt or a jumpsuit to add a fun fashion element. Also choose fabrics carefully. You want breathable fabrics like cotton, linen and wool which will feel great to wear all day. These pieces will form the building blocks of most of your looks so be sure to be well stocked so getting dressed in the morning for work is a no-brainer.

Jeans and a white shirt is a great WFH uniform

Pair basics with polished pieces

Just because you’re aiming for comfort it doesn’t mean you can’t add something to maintain an element of polish. For example a great blazer over the top of a white tee and jeans feels put together but will still be perfect for a day of working from home. While a cosy cardi looks great with a simple, but sleek slip dress. It’s about the high-low mix.

Have a dress code

Implement a home office dress code for yourself. You want to give yourself some parameters to work in, which will in turn make choosing your outfits in the morning easier. For example perhaps track pants are out but a comfy leather legging or mum jean is in. It’s all about what helps you feel productive and signals that it’s time for work not play.

Accessories are your friend

Add accessories

As with most outfits, accessories are a fun way to inject a little personality into them. The addition of a silk scarf with jeans and a denim for example will instantly elevate it, making it look chic and polished. While understated jewellery can help your outfit feel a little more finished.

Embrace flats or a block heel

Shoes tend to be optional when working from home but if you do want to go for a full outfit then definitely embrace a beautiful flat or a comfy block heels. Shoes such as a leather loafer or a ballet flat are perfect for staying in. But if you’re a heels girl through and through, perhaps park the stiletto for another time and become friends with the comfy block heel—there’s no better time than now to truly embrace comfortable dressing.


How to set up the ideal work from home space

2nd April, 2020

Having had my own business for several years now I usually split my time between an office in the city and my home office to work. Given current circumstances I’ve had to re-assess my current work space at home to make sure it’s conducive for working from home for the forseeable future. And as the girls are currently home with us, it’s been important to ensure that my work space is set up to maximise productivity in the bursts of time I do get to sit down at my desk and power through my to-do list. Here’s what I’ve done to ensure I’ve got a functional space I actually want to spend time in.

Allocate a designated work area

Last year I took over a spare bedroom in our home to use as an office, before that I was working wherever I could pop my laptop down. I’ve noticed a difference in how it affected my productivity. Now that I’ve got a designated spot to sit it helps get me into work mode. However it wasn’t having an office that did this but the fact I finally had one assigned place I associated with working. So whether it’s your kitchen table or another room, try allocating a particular spot to work from and consider it your office for the next few months.

Look for good lighting

I’ve found good lighting is so important because there’s nothing worse than squinting at a screen because the light is too bright or not bright enough. If you can, try and set up near the best source of natural light in your home. If that’s not possible make sure that you’ve got a good overheard light or lamp to provide adequate illumination.

Get rid of clutter

I did a major decluttering session to help set up my office and it was really useful in ensuring that I had a clean desk space, free of unnecessary junk to work at. I find having too many things around is really distracting and having an area that’s free of clutter helps to get me into the right productive frame of mind.

Have comfortable seating

Having a good chair is crucial. If you’re going to be working for several hours in the one spot find yourself the most comfortable chair, with appropriate support in your home possible. You don’t want to find that you’ve done your back in after sitting in a bad chair for months.

Have the office basics covered to ensure you’re functional

One thing about working in an office is that there’s a steady supply of stationery and equipment to ensure that you can do your job. Try and emulate that as much as possible at home so you’re not scrambling for a notepad when you’re on a call with a client or your screen is just a fraction too low and it’s starting to get massively uncomfortable. Assess your space, see what you need and try to have those supplies around where possible.

Lots of organisational tools

I’ve found it’s so much easier to keep things ordered when I’ve got the appropriate organisational tools handy. Think storage boxes, folders, trays… all these things ensure that I’ve got a spot to put everything and I don’t have things just floating on my desk taking up space.

Dot your space with things you love

This is the fun part! It was important to me that my office had personality. So I’ve decorated with prints that I love, furniture that I find aesthetically pleasing and touches like a vase of flowers or snacks at the ready. This all inspires me to spend time in my work space, but of course it’s different for everyone. Curate your own space according to the things that motivate you and inspire you.