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What I Wore: Monochromatic Moment

7th July, 2020

Working with varying hues of a single shade can result in a really striking look, and is such a modern way to play with colour. When I saw this Manning Cartell look in varying shades of tan I knew it was the perfect opportunity to do it. And while all three play really nicely together, the beauty of working with neutral pieces is that they also work well separately. I could easily wear this coat, knit and pants with other pieces I already own, making them versatile options throughout winter.

I wanted to continue the colour thread in my accessories, so it was the perfect opportunity to incorporate my Bottega Veneta mesh heels. While the rest of the look is quite classic, these heels are a little punchier in its design, so is the perfect counterpoint. I have had this Gucci bag for a few years and it was the ideal option for this outfit. Just the right shade, look and feel made it a no-brainer option. I finished this look off with black Poppy Lissiman sunglasses, which also added just a hint of contrasting colour.

The next time you want to pull together an impactful look, consider working with a monochromatic colour palette. It’s easy to do but oh-so effective at making a statement.

Credits: Coat, Knit and pants, Manning Cartell; Bag, Gucci; Heels, Bottega Veneta; Sunglasses, Poppy Lissiman

Photography: Sophia Athas

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What I Wore: Yellow

29th March, 2016

Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Yellow 1

I don’t always wear yellow but couldn’t resist this this look from Manning Cartell’s autumn/winter collection. Black leather pants have always been a staple in my winter wardrobe but I think it’s fun mix it up and do leather in different colours, especially in a shade that really pops. Whilst striking, when you do coloured leather it can admittedly be a little trickier. To make it work you can either do one colour head to toe like I’ve done or pair it with neutral tones like black, white or grey. Mixing textures such as adding a knitted turtleneck is also key to achieving the right balance to this particular style.

You can’t go wrong with leather pants and statement heels so I opted for my Wild Thing fringed stilettos by Aquazurra to finish off the look. I kept my accessories low key to let the outfit take centre stage so I worked it back with  TRIWA sunglasses and a navy clutch by The Daily Edited.

Scroll below the post to recreate the look, with my budget-friendly picks.

Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Yellow 2 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Yellow 3 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Yellow 4 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Yellow 5 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Yellow 6 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Yellow 7 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Yellow 8 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Yellow 10
STEAL the knit
STEAL the leather


Pants: Manning Cartell

Knit:  Manning Cartell

Heels: Aquazurra

Sunglasses: TRIWA

Clutch: The Daily Edited

Watch: Christian Paul   

Photography: Danielle Castano 

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What I Wore: Daytime Glamour

23rd February, 2016

Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 12Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 1

Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 2 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 3 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 4 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 5 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 6 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 7 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 8 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 9 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 10 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 11 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 14 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 15 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 16 Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Manning Cartel 17

This dress is quite dramatic and a bit of a showstopper, however I don’t want to just save it for the occasional night out. Where’s the cost per wear in that? I think you can take a dress like this and turn it into something daytime appropriate by throwing a leather jacket on top. It’s something I would definitely consider wearing to an event like Fashion Week. Check out your own wardrobe and see how you can extend the wear of a cocktail dress by simply adding a key addition such as a jacket or blazer. Who says you can’t wear sequins during the day?


Shop the post:

Sequin steals:

Jacket steals:

Clutch steals:


Dress: Manning Cartell

Jacket: Balenciaga

Heels: Alaia

Bag: The Daily Edited

Watch: Christian Paul

Photography: Danielle Castano













Date with Kate: Jessica Gomes

7th February, 2016


My breakfast date with Jess Gomes

Australia’s Jessica Gomes​ is well-known for her modelling but recently has also been busy acting in Hollywood films. She worked alongside Bruce Willis in the action comedy Going Under and alongside Owen Wilson in Bastards, out in November. Gomes, 29, talks to me about the highlights of this week’s David Jones‘ autumn/winter fashion launch, her favourite style trends for the season and her intimate scenes with Bruce Willis.


How did you prepare for the David Jones fashion show?

I’ve been boxing almost three days a week, which has been really good. Just eating healthy, getting lots of sleep, just really taking care of myself. I think it’s important for me to just feel energised when every time before David Jones. It is a lot of press and a lot of long hour days so I definitely make sure that I’m in good shape and I’m well rested.

Do you still get nervous on the catwalk?

I still get butterflies definitely before each show, especially the VIP nights because everyone has worked so tirelessly beforehand. So, you just don’t want anything to go wrong. It’s good nerves. But I remember my first show, I was so nervous because it was my first time being the ambassador and it’s a big deal and big responsibility. So, I was definitely nervous then but now, I’m more comfortable, within my role and I feel like it’s just so much fun.

What are some of the trends we’ll be seeing this season?

We’re seeing Victorian designs, which are kind of high neck, lace black. Another trend is eastern prints, which is involves lots of ethnic prints from the Far East.

Do you have one fashion item that you’ve seen in the collection that you couldn’t live without this season?

I am loving the Camilla and Marc  long trench coat blazer, which Cath McNeil is actually wearing in the campaign and it’s something that you can put over a dress, an evening gown, you can put over jeans and a T-shirt.

What’s the first thing you do when you get back to Australia?

Usually, I’ll go grab a coffee and go down to Bondi and do a soft sand run and go for a swim because it just brings me back down to earth. After a big flight it just grounds me.

Congratulations on your recent acting roles. Has it always been a goal of yours to be an actress?

Well, I started out acting on a TV show in Perth, when I was 10 years old and then kind of modeling just kind of took over because modeling was easy. I mean, it was great money, I got to travel the world, I loved fashion and I loved the lifestyle that I got to live. I did study at Stella Adler. I did work with some great coaches like Susan Batson, who has worked with Nicole Kidman. So acting has definitely always been there for me, but now doors have opened for me and I’m pushing through them and seeing where it takes me. Now, it’s definitely something that I’m more focused on versus modeling.

What was it like to work with Bruce Willis and Owen Wilson?

Bruce was amazing. I mean, he was very supportive. One of our first scenes together was quite intimate. So that was interesting and I was kind of like, “Oh I wonder how it’s going to go,” but he totally guided me. He was very respectful. He knew where I was at, in my training so that was great. Working with Owen and Ed Helms and Glenn Close was a trip. It was just amazing to witness them at work together and just meeting these incredible actors that I’ve looked up to, really blew my mind and really gave me that confidence and encouragement that I can be alongside these players.

Were you nervous to do the intimate scene with Bruce Willis?

I was nervous. I mean I was telling myself, “How do I even do this?” I’m used to taking my clothes as a swimsuit model but this is actually me being intimate with somebody, which is a sacred thing. Before we went on set, Bruce actually called me to a trailer and we had a conversation and that really helped. And then as soon as we got into it, the first take, it was really fun and it was fine. In fact, I was like, “You know what, I’m just going to do it. This is happening right now and it’s real.”

Was it hard to block out the camera and crew?

It was a closed set so there weren’t a lot of people around us. It was actually really great. It was a great scene. Like a lot of actors say that sex scenes are really awkward for them. But it wasn’t awkward for me. It felt really natural and really beautiful.

Did you receive any really valuable advice from Ed Helms and Owen Wilson?

Ed Helms told me that with auditioning, it’s just good to be over-prepare to the point where you’re like, “It doesn’t matter what happens.” I think that’s the difference between modeling and acting… you have to really prepare for acting roles where with modeling, where you can kind of just arrive and go, “Hey.”… That’s the one thing that, that work ethic has been the challenge for me, for sure. It’s just a different type of a process, creative process, really.

Is comedy what you always wanted to do?

I think it was just a natural instinct. I didn’t even realise I wanted to get into comedy. Because before that I was going for really dramatic roles, playing these badass chicks. With these two roles, it was interesting, because when I went into the audition, and I was kind of going through the motions of it, I was like, “Oh, I’m actually really funny.” [Laughs] I didn’t even realise that I had that comedy streak in me, until I was able to just let go and be like, “Oh yeah, I’m pretty funny.” It was just kind of like a light bulb moment, and where other people were finding me funny! It was nice that I got to let my hair down and just be me.

What would be your dream role?

I would love to do lots of indie films and to play a Bond girl would be amazing.

Who’s someone you look up to and admire?

I love Charlize Theron because I think she’s super ballsy and just fearless. I love Jennifer Lawrence because she’s funny and I love Marion Cotillard, she’s just so talented.


WE WENT TO One Street Over, Sydney CBD

WE ATE  Scrambled eggs with prosciutto and scrambled eggs with spinach.

WE DRANK Coffee and orange juice

JESSICA WORE Manning Cartell dress.

I WORE Ginger and Smart dress.


MBFWA: my fave shows

27th April, 2015


The beautiful Toni Maticevski show

So many shows, so many clothes, so many trends! Fashion Week is always a great place for a little fashion inspiration. It’s an even better way to compile a very lengthy shopping list! There were a whole lot of shows during the week, but these were my favourites…

Toni Maticevski

My favourite by far. It was just breathtakingly beautiful and I loved every piece in the collection. The production was incredible, the styling was beautiful and it was just a really gorgeous show.


I loved Ellery. It was a really great show to kick off the week and I love all her designs. Having Gemma Ward open the whole show also really created a lot of buzz. She’s a favourite in fashion circles and to have her open Australian Fashion Week was pretty special.

Bec and Bridge

I’ve known the Bec and Bridge girls for many years and I’ve always loved what they do as they always create really wearable pieces. Even though the show was held at Carriageworks (where MBFWA is based), it was still offsite in this big open space and the whole show just had a bit of wow factor.

Manning Cartell

I thought this show was great. Loads of 70s inspired pieces to fall in love with and I walked away with a favourite or two (maybe three!).

Bianca Spender

Bianca Spender just knows how to make clothes that have me falling in love with them immediately. I was mentally marking some pieces as I saw them coming down the runway and was adding them to my shopping list.


Bianca Spender


Bianca Spender


Manning Cartell


Manning Cartell


Manning Cartell







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What I Wore: David Jones Autumn/Winter 2015

19th February, 2015

I can’t get enough of the white on white trend at the moment. To attend the recent launch of David Jones’ Autumn/Winter 2015 collection I wanted to wear Aussie designers in the DJs stable so I opted for a Manning Cartell coat and skirt and camisole by Camilla and Marc. To keep the look looking quite tonal I went with a brand new addition to my shoe collection, lace-up Gianvito Rossi heels.

Coat: Manning Cartell
Skirt: Manning Cartell
Top: Camilla and Marc
Heels: Gianvito Rossi


Myer Autumn/Winter 2014 RUNWAY

26th February, 2014

Arthur Galan.

Arthur Galan.

Last week Myer showcased its Autumn/Winter fashion in Melbourne, where industry elite were treated to a preview of the new season stock including labels like Sass and Bide, Balmain, Ellery, Maticevski, Cue, Christopher Kane and Yeojin Bae. Myer ambassadors Jennifer Hawkins, Kris Smith and Kate Peck all hit the runway and showed off this Winter’s trends that include monochrome, peplums, ultra mini’s and calf-length hemlines. Check out some of my favourite looks from the catwalk…


Continue Reading…

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Myer SS 2014 Collection Launch

9th August, 2013

Jen Hawkins in Manning Cartell.

Jen Hawkins in Manning Cartell.

Jodhi Meares

Jodhi Meares

sass & bide.

sass & bide.

Maddy King & Kris Smith.

Maddy King & Kris Smith.

Jodi and Braith Anasta.

Jodi and Braith Anasta.

Jesinta Campbell.

Jesinta Campbell.

Jennifer Hawkins.

Jennifer Hawkins.

Michael and Lindy Klim.

Michael and Lindy Klim.

Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins.

Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins.

Jen Hawkins in Aurelio Costarella.

Jen Hawkins in Aurelio Costarella.

Bridget & Frances Abbott.

Bridget & Frances Abbott.

Myer Ambassadors Jennifer Hawkins and Kris Smith hit the runway for the Myer Spring Summer 2014 Collections on Thursday night. 500 VIP guests view the spectacular parade that showcased 62 models and over 200 new season looks by Myer’s stable of leading Australian designers. Staged at the enormous Stage 7 at Fox Studios, the 48 metre long catwalk was flanked by 100 metres of low lying abstract ravines elegantly inlayed with 1 tonne of richly coloured dust and glitter creating a setscape as far as the eye could see. Jennifer Hawkins made a stunning entrance in Manning Cartell to open the show. Jennifer took to the catwalk five more times through the show wearing designs from YB J”AIME, Leona Edmiston, Aurelio Costarella, Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins and Maticevski to close the show.

Photography: Lucas Dawson.



9th April, 2013

Manning Cartell SS13/14

Manning Cartell SS13/14

It’s Day 2 of MBFWA and Manning Cartell will hit the runway this afternoon. Here is an exclusive preview look from the collection, along with a Q&A with designer, Vanessa Manning on her inspirations behind the collection.

Spring/summer 2013/14 Collection title:

Fate & Chance.


What was your inspiration behind the collection?

It’s a tale of modern romance inspired by the story of Romeo & Juliet.


What textures, patterns and materials were used?

The collection is a mix of metallic and shine and dimensional fabrics of embroidery, netting, lace and jacquards.


Tell me about the show and the inspiration behind it?

A contradiction of elements strong, tough but still beautiful with an futuristic urban feel. Light and dark imagery and symbols of contrast tell the story of dramatic structure dreamt from contrasting romantic scenes.


What do you think are the major upcoming trends for S/S?

Futuristic 90s grunge, collage and all white.


What is your favourite fashion week memory?

Our 2012 show, we loved the location, the energy and the fantastic people we worked with.


What is next in the pipeline after MBFWA wraps?

We have sales appointments with Internationals.

Manning Cartell

Manning Cartell


Follow me on Twitter/Instagram: KateWaterhouse7 for MBFWA runway coverage.

Photography: Byron Spencer, Styling: Kate Waterhouse, Makeup: Monika Bunic, YSL Beaute, Model: Anthea Page (Chic), Hair: Brad Ngata.