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How to buy a designer bag that you’ll love for years to come

10th April, 2022
Kate Waterhouse carrying Chanel designer handbag

My Chanel bag has been with me for years and is still going strong

I’ve spoken in the past about the importance of cost per wear for me and there’s no area that I apply it more to than my handbags. I am all about quality over quantity. I will often hold out for a designer bag as I know that it will withstand everyday wear and tear as they’re so well crafted. Also, I’ll often go for classic styles so they have longevity. Case in point: I’ve had the above Chanel handbag for years and it’s still going strong.

If you’re going to splurge on a designer bag it’s important to make sure you get it right. After all you are spending not an insignificant amount of money so it’s the type of fashion purchase that needs some planning behind it first. Here are some things to consider before buying:

Think of your lifestyle 

What kind of lifestyle do you have? For me I have to carry everything from Sophia and Grace’s snacks to my phone and wallet so I need something that’s quite roomy for everyday wear. However as I do have to attend various events and race days through the year, I can opt for a smaller bag that’s more event appropriate for those occasions.

It’s crucial to tailor your bag to suit your lifestyle and needs. If it doesn’t then you’re never going to use it as often as you’d like and that’s a lot of money that’s wasted.

Consider the brand

If you’re going to have a bag that you use every single day you want a classic style. I think you can justify splurging on a bag if it’s something that can be used every single day. Everyone has their own favourites but if I was going to splurge on a designer bag I would definitely go for Céline, Balenciaga, Jil Sander or Chanel because they do classic, timeless styles.

Check out it’s extra features

Little details can mean you get double the wear out of a designer bag. For example it may seem a small detail but consider the handles on your bag. I like two handles on a bag—smaller handles so I can just carry it on my arm and a longer strap so I can carry it on my shoulder. Having the option to do both expands the use of a bag. Also some bags now come with detachable pouches that can be used to carry things like cosmetics but can be used as separately as a clutch. Win-win!

Kate Waterhouse street style designer bag Gucci

When it comes to designer bags aim for classic and timeless to ensure maximum cost per wear

Opt for simplicity

A statement bag with lots of embellishment is great but if you’re going to have just one designer bag that you’re going to carry all the time make sure to keep it quite pared back and stick to neutral colours. A subdued colour palette makes it easier to work back with your wardrobe. Minimal amounts of detailing also makes it less likely to look overly on trend. Also keep in mind that plain leather generally won’t date as easily as patent leather.

Avoid ‘it’ bags

When it comes to designer bags I like to have something that no one else has. For this very reason if there is an ‘it’ bag I tend to steer clear of it. However I might get inspired by a brand and choose something that is within that collection. If you can afford to have a new designer bag each season then definitely go for the ‘it’ bag. If however, you are buying a designer bag that’s intended to see you through season after season I’d steer clear of the bag of the moment and opt for something that’s not as common so it doesn’t date as easily.

Choose an ongoing style

I will always ask a shop assistant if they’re continuing a particular type of bag the following season because some are just one-offs and I think that can really date a bag. When choosing a bag opt for one that’s a signature style to the brand because then it is recurring every season rather than being the bag of a particular year, which everyone will know is a couple of years old.

An example of a signature style is something like Chanel’s 2.55 black quilted leather handbag or the Hermes Birkin. It’s a bag that’s done every season which means it won’t date and it’s great quality so it lasts year after year. I’ve had my Chanel bag for 10 years and I still wear it all the time so the cost per wear is great!

Tell me—what designer bag do you have your eye on?

Photography: Sophia Athas



8 wardrobe basics that can instantly make styling an outfit easier

6th April, 2022

Wardrobe basics are the lynchpin of your look. I find that owning a few key pieces can in turn make everything else you own just that little more wearable as you can start with the below items and then build an outfit around them. Each person obviously has their own unique style so some of the pieces below might require substituting here and there but overall I think they’re the kind of staples that can be worked in so many different ways. Versatility is key when it comes to a look and having the right wardrobe basics in your closet can really ensure that you are able to take your style repertoire in several different directions. I’ve narrowed down a few key things that I think every woman needs…

Kate Waterhouse wardrobe basics stacked jeans

Jeans are a key part of my off duty wardrobe

1. Jeans

It’s imperative to find yourself a pair of jeans that fit you ridiculously well and are ultra flattering. My go-to styles are skinny jeans or straight leg as they work with my body shape but be sure to find the right style for you.

2. Leather leggings

I’m already looking forward to transitioning to my autumn/winter looks and one of my can’t live without staples is a pair of leather leggings. I can wear them dressed up or down and as a bonus they’re so comfortable. When buying a pair be sure to try on a range of different styles from different brands as the fit can vary.

3. Comfortable t-shirt

A plain white t-shirt is the kind of piece that will be in constant rotation. I love a crew neck style and wore one here, however a v-neck tee is equally as good. Start with white, however shades such as black, grey and navy and a good stripe are also a great addition to any wardrobe.

4. Button down shirt

There’s a reason why a classic white shirt is at the top of most wardrobe basics lists — it’s just so wearable and can add a stylish touch to any look. One styling trick I like to employ is opting for a slightly looser fit when it comes to shirts as visually it can make your frame appear smaller.

5. High waisted skirt

A high waisted skirt is a go-to when it comes to office wear but it can also easily transition to your off duty wardrobe. Opt for a simple black or a fun print and pair with a tee or shirt for an easy, out-the-door-fast look.

6. Quality knit

Invest in at least one quality knit in a quality fabric (cashmere is luxe, but oh-so long lasting) and opt for colours such as grey or black as they’re easily paired with multiple items in your wardrobe.

7. Blazer

You can wear a blazer to work or out to dinner on a Saturday night and is such a must when it comes to wardrobe basics. Popping one on can easily dress up a look give it a stylish touch.

8. Scarf

A scarf is the ideal trans-seasonal piece to add to your wardrobe. I have one that I like to wear when I’m travelling as I can use it as a wrap when the temperatures are slightly chillier.

Tell me—what are some of the wardrobe basics you can’t live without? Have I missed any on my list?

What to wear as a wedding guest

9th March, 2022

If there’s one thing I love it’s a wedding! I’m always so thrilled/honoured to be invited to share someone’s big day, and I know having gone through my own how important it is to have your nearest and dearest there. That said, I do take a very considered approach to what I wear to a wedding because I know how much time, effort and cost goes into such an occasion. I always like to look polished, but at the same time very much in keeping with the couple’s wishes. Here are some things I always do whenever I’m planning a wedding guest outfit.

Steer clear of white

Unless it is the express wish of the couple getting married, I never ever wear white to a wedding. This rule may have relaxed in some way over the years but I don’t ever want to encroach on what the bride is wearing so I always avoid white at all costs. There are so many outfit options out there, I definitely think taking white off the table doesn’t limit your options at all! I tend to go the opposite direction and embrace bold hues—it’s a joyous occasion, I want my clothing to reflect that sentiment.

Follow the dress code

I can’t stress enough how importantly I take this into account whenever I’m planning an outfit as a wedding guest. I always dress for a wedding according to the dress code and follow it to the letter. Whether it’s dressing up in feathers from head to toe or a black and white theme or barefoot and relaxed by the beach, whatever the dress code is I make sure I always abide by it. A dress code is a reflection of the couple’s vision for the day and I want to respect that. Recently I went to a wedding with a dress code that was black tie and colourful so I went all out, the result was the outfit above: a riot of colour and a long length hemline that ticked both requirements.

Consider your accessories

Accessories should never be forgotten when it comes to wedding attire. I always make sure that I stick to a small-ish bag (usually a clutch) to carry all my essentials. I think going down the diminutive bag route is always advisable as far as weddings go, because you don’t want to be carrying an oversized bag with a dressy outfit, there’s something about a small bag that’s a little more elegant. If you need to, downsize what you’re carrying! Also, I think it’s always a great time to embrace fun, bold accessories. Whether it’s a statement earrings or a beautiful cocktail ring or standout necklace, a wedding is the time to step it up as far as your accoutrements go—within reason of course, you never ever want to go so over the top that you threaten to steal the couple’s limelight.

Know your designers

I have a list of brands that I know I can look to whenever I’m looking for an outfit for a wedding. My go-tos are usually Rebecca Vallance, Rachel Gilbert, Bec and Bridge and Camilla and Marc. I highly recommend pinpointing a few different labels whose aesthetic ties into your style and check out their even wear offering. I find the more I stick to brands that work with my regular style the more comfortable I feel in what I’m wearing.


Shop my edit of wedding guest outfit options!

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The best raincoat recommendations that I received in my DMs

4th March, 2022

If there’s one thing that’s amazing about the Instagram community it’s that it always comes through with the goods if you just ask! Case in point: my hunt for a great raincoat. I’ve been wanting one for ages but the recent weather we’ve been experiencing of late has inspired me to finally make the purchase once and for all. However I was stuck on where I could find one that ticked the form and function box. So, I put the question out there on my Instagram and was flooded with recommendations in my DMs. Some were familiar brands, some totally new, and cluster of my favourite super stylish mums all recommended one particular brand. So, if you’re also in the market for a raincoat, here’s where to look first.



This Swedish brand does beautiful minimalist raincoats. The colours are all really functional and practical, think oat, sage, navy and black (there’s a fun yellow version which reminds me of the raincoats you’d have as a child in you’re after more colour!) so they would fit seamlessly into most wardrobes. There’s also two silhouettes, one A-line and one in more of a straight silhouette.

The Sutterheim Mosebacke

The Stutterheim Stockholm



When faced with a dreary rainy day sometimes you just want a little injection of colour in your day, enter the raincoats from Gorman, such as the colourful leopard print below. Expect explosions of colour and fun prints galore. (They also do really cute kids and dog raincoats, FYI).

The Gorman In Disguise raincoat


Marks & Spencer

UK brand Marks & Spencer are known for their quality basics, so you’ll be pleased to know they also do wet weather gear in some stylish options. There’s a classic trench in a waterproof fabric, while there’s a slightly sportier version which would make a great all-rounder raincoat.

The Marks & Spencer Stormwear belted trench coat

Marks & Spencer Waterproof Hooded Parka



All the stylish mums I know (including my stylist and influencers like Sara Crampton) recommended this brand. The raincoats are all sleek and simple in style, and most importantly, do the job! They come in practical, classic colours like black and grey, so you’re guaranteed to have them in your wardrobe for years.

Rains long waterproof jacket

The Rains 1201 rain jacket



I know Lululemon do activewear but didn’t realise they actually also make jackets suitable for wet weather. The top two styles I received in my DMs were about the Rain Chaser and Rain Rebel styles. One is specifically designed for running and exercise, but the other is perfect for being out and about doing errands or on the school run.

The Lululemon Rain Chaser

The Lululemon Rain Rebel



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What’s on my shopping radar: Love Ally Artemis bust candle, L’alingi micro eternity pouch, Chanel mesh and patent calfskin sandals

25th February, 2022

My shopping travels this month have allowed me to unearth plenty of great pieces that I definitely want to add to my closet and in my home. While I’m on the hunt for some new season pieces for autumn, I have managed to stumble upon some stunning things, some I’ve already bookmarked for an event or occasion in my head, while another would become quite the visual statement. Here’s what’s on my radar this month.



Love Ally Artemis Bust Candle, $120

As far as candles go you can’t get more ornate and beautiful than this one. It’s absolutely stunning and I can already see it becoming a decorative focal point in our home. It’s also locally made and uses sustainable beeswax. The only issue is I could probably never bring myself to light it!

L’Alingi Micro Eternity Pouch, $788.02

I’m really into statement bags right now, and I love how extra this bag is! The vibrant hue and the rhinestone handle both work together to create a piece that’s destined to elevate any look that’s lucky enough to be paired with it. I could envisage this working with many an event look.

Chanel Mesh and Patent Calfskin Sandals, $2190

I’m a huge fan of the Chanel Dad sandal and am loving the latest iteration of the style. The braided sole and the mesh upper are perfect for summer and could work well with so many different looks in my closet. I also love the fact it ticks the comfort box and I could wear this out on the school run or to an event and remain super comfortable.


What you need to add to your wardrobe this year

30th January, 2022

Want a cohesive wardrobe that won’t leave you constantly thinking that you have nothing to wear? It pays to think strategically about the key items in your closet that will help you get there. Instead of constantly piling more clothes, more shoes, more accessories onto the pile and ultimately ending up at the same place, you need to start thinking about the few items that will work back with the rest of your wardrobe in multiple ways.

By planning ahead and really pinpointing the items that will be in constant rotation you are able to stretch your fashion dollar further and ultimately end up with more outfit options, simply because you have the building blocks in place for several looks. When it comes to what’s currently on trend, what will stand the test of time and also what’s going to be ultra wearable, here are five great buys to start with…

A great blazer

I will stand by this purchase over and over again. I kept an eye out for this Balmain blazer (similar style here) for ages and finally nabbed it when I saw it on sale and haven’t looked back since. It goes with so many different outfits and it instantly makes anything I wear look polished. Do your research and try on a few different styles before settling on the right blazer and make sure the fit is ultra flattering, not too boxy and is just the right length (I’m a fan of the longline style). Grab one in black and I guarantee you’ll wear it to death.

Dressy sneakers

Sneakers are not going anymore any time soon. They’ve become a wardrobe staple and rightly so given how easily they work back with everything and also how comfortable they are. It’s a bit of an oxymoron but find yourself a pair of “dress” sneakers. So think a style that’s sophisticated and sleek, with minimal embellishments. I love metallics and use it as an accent colour a lot so I knew these Gucci sneakers would work well with what I own, however you may prefer to stick to a nice clean, white palette to ensure that you can wear it with most of your wardrobe.

Statement slides

Slides are one of my favourite trends and whilst they’re great for casual wear I think a pair of slip-on loafers is the kind of piece that’s ultra wearable but can also lift an outfit. Find a pair that’s got a classic shape but perhaps has an interesting detail such as a great buckle or even an appliqué such as the above Gucci pair I fell in love with to turn it into a standout, statement piece. This style can work with everything from jeans, to dresses and skirts so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with such a purchase.

Elevated white shirt

A white shirt has been a wardrobe staple for forever but lately, it’s become a whole lot more interesting than the plain button down of yesteryear. A style such as the above wrap shirt, also has great finishes that turn into something extra—think the tie detail, the lapels, the ruched sleeve, and the split back detail (you can see it here) that gives it an alluring touch. It has all the goes-with-anything elements of a traditional shirt but so many more extra finishing touches that make it fashion forward.

A quality bag

Think about how frequently carry your handbag. If you’re like me it probably gets quite the workout and is always jam packed with day-to-day essentials so it has to be stylish and durable. I think if you’re going to invest in one thing in your wardrobe it’s a quality bag. One that’s able to withstand constant wear and tear and is able to carry your entire life effortlessly. I love a bag like the above which is a neutral shade making it an easy piece to mix and match, but it has just enough detail to make it interesting.

What are some key pieces you’re planning to add to your wardrobe this year?
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Cool jewellery brands to refresh your accessories collection

22nd January, 2022

A girl can never have too much jewellery, right? Lucky for us we’re thoroughly spoilt for choice when it comes to cool jewellery brands. Whether it’s delicate rings and necklaces or statement earrings that are guaranteed to be the centrepiece of any look a nice bit of sparkle is always a good idea. So whilst the iconic jewellery houses are always a great place to find something special, these days there’s something to be said for the smaller boutique labels which deliver a unique aesthetic and standout pieces you’re guaranteed to love. Here are 10 to keep on your radar.

Reliquia Jewellery

The brand’s name is derived from the world relic and the Spanish word for family heirloom and it’s a fitting description for Reliquia’s range. Each sculptural piece has a strong art deco influence that shines through and you’re guaranteed to find something that makes a bold statement.

Katerina Makriyianni

Inspired by her native Crete, designer Katerina Makriyianni creates her entire collection by hand. Her signature look is all about working with a rainbow of vibrant colours and natural textures, with the fan design being a staple element of the brand.


A post shared by Rebecca de Ravenel (@rderavenel) on

Rebecca de Ravenel

I have a pair of ombre pink Rebecca de Ravenel earrings and love that they’re so striking. Each of the colourful embroidered drop earrings in the range are handmade in India and incorporates a sphere design element throughout.


Inspired by Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’ each piece in the collection is inspired by one of the poets 100 poems. Think arresting gold pieces that almost feel like they’re each a mini sculpture. The detail, the shapes, the texture all equate to singular pieces that each have their own unique feel.


A post shared by Catbird (@catbirdnyc) on


This NYC-based label is all about modern minimalist jewellery. Delicate rings and necklaces along with dainty studs and drop earrings makes for an understated way to accessorise any look.

Natasha Schweitzer Jewellery

This Australian brand is designed and handcrafted on home soil with its pieces being worn by the likes of Lara Worthington and Jessica Gomes. The design is quite sleek and streamlined with geometric influences throughout. Perfect for the girl who loves jewellery that’s a little different and is a talking point.

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A post shared by Babyanything Jewellery (@babyanything)


A fave of influencer Elle Ferguson (her little sis Lucie is also the founder), Babyanything’s aesthetic is distinctly bohemian. Think a Bondi/Byron vibe. With fine delicate pieces that are perfect for layering, this brand is the key to a great accessory party.

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A post shared by Holly Ryan (@hollyryanjewellery)

Holly Ryan

With a range that encompasses fine jewellery and also pretty everyday pieces, Holly Ryan’s range is one that can fit into all facets of your life seamlessly. 

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A post shared by We Are Missoma (@missomalondon)


UK brand Missoma delivers on the kind of on trend pieces that can update any look. From medallion necklaces to bracelets, statement earrings and cuffs, it’s the perfect go-to brand for sourcing up-to-date accoutrements.

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A post shared by Mejuri (@mejuri)


From delicate stacking pieces to knockout statement jewellery, Mejuri delivers on all fronts. If you’re looking for jewellery that will have people asking where you got it from, then this brand should be your first stop.


The key to knowing a true fashion bargain

15th January, 2022

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is that there’s a difference between something that’s cheap and a genuine fashion bargain. The former means yes, it’s inexpensive but it might not become the type of item that will get used often. The latter is something that may be a good price but it’s also guaranteed to get plenty of use, meaning it’s great cost per wear and therefore a true bargain buy.

Whenever you’re hitting the sales, whether it’s end of financial year markdowns, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals or a good ol’ fashioned bricks and mortar warehouse sale, it pays to know what’s definitely worth spending your hard earned fashion dollars on. Here’s how I can tell whether something is definitely a good sale buy.

What does it work with?

When shopping anything that’s been marked down I always ask myself if it’s something that can work back with a number of things in my wardrobe. Because even if the price tag is right, if I can’t see myself wearing it with several things I already own it negates the discounted price I may pay. I’m better off buying something full price that won’t just gather dust in my closet.

Does this have longevity?

Trying out trends is all part of the fun of fashion but if I want to know what I’m buying is a genuine fashion bargain then I need it to make sure that it’s going to stand the test of time. I want to know that I’m going to be able to wear something beyond a season to ensure that I’m maximising the cost per wear on it.

It’s all about maximising cost per wear by being discerning when sale shopping

Is it versatile?

The other way I can tell a true fashion bargain is if something is truly versatile. Can I style it in a number of different ways? Can it be dressed up or down? I always look for things that I can wear to a multitude of events and settings. If for example I can wear a pair of shoes on a shoot, to the office and at a party then I know purchasing it is true value for money.

Would I buy this full price?

The allure of a discounted item is sometimes hard to resist. You’re saving money after all, right? But sometimes we can be attracted to something purely because it’s cheap, not because it’s something we genuinely want or need. If I ever come across something I want to buy that’s on sale I always ask myself if it’s something that I would have considered paying the full price for. If it’s a yes, it means I definitely love it and can see it working with my wardrobe, if it’s a no, it means I only really want it because it’s cheap. And a bargain isn’t really a bargain unless it’s going to end up getting used. I find the pieces I truly love and want are the pieces that will always be on high rotation.

What are some ways you know you’ve got a genuine bargain on your hands?


Best buys under $100

14th January, 2022

What’s your fashion new year’s resolution? Whether it’s to organise your wardrobe or dip your toe into a new trend, the start of a brand new year is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe. To kick off the new year in style, I’ve rounded up some great buys that will elevate your wardrobe. From a dress that will take you through many an occasion to accessories that will liven up existing outfits in your closet, these affordable buys are great for your style repertoire and your wallet.

This crisp white shirt dress is not only insanely affordable it’s highly versatile too. You could easily work this with slides for a casual summer outing or dress it up with a heel for a night out. Also, it’s the perfect neutral backdrop to springboard many new looks.

Slides are a staple of most summer wardrobes so when you find a style like this you have to snap it up! These raffia slides are easily worked back with multiple looks, but are an interesting design that can add an element of interest to any outfit.

Colourful beaded bracelets are one of summer’s biggest accessories trends and this set by designer Roxanne Assoulin are perfect for taking pride of place in any jewellery stack. Accessorising with splashes of colour is the perfect way to liven up an outfit.

Cool sunglasses are a constant in most summer wardrobes and I’m loving the transparent frames of this Le Specs pair. They will add a modern touch to an ensemble, and while they’re fashion forward, they’re also the kind of style that can easily be worn back with a variety of different looks.

I wear my gold coin necklace almost daily so I can attest to how versatile they are! This necklace is great for the wallet and is a great design  for everyday wear.

If you’re frequenting the beach or pool a lot, or simply just want a comfy pair of sandals to take you through summer, you can’t go past this pastel pair by Freedom Moses. Not only is the lavender hue right on trend, it’s also the kind of shoe you could wear all day, everyday.

A great tank is always a handy staple to have and the simple silhouette and neutral hue of this particular James Perse ribbed singlet makes it the ideal piece to pair with myriad looks.

These cozy waffle shorts are part of a set, and together with the collared tee, it makes for the ideal loungewear staple to have in your style arsenal. You could also easily wear them on their own, ensuring you get maximum wear out of them.

A ribbed skirt is such a great addition to any wardrobe. You can dress them up or down with sandals or a great heel, and it’s ultra comfy too.

A blouson sleeve is a major feature of most dresses and tops this season, and this style is just the right balance of simplicity, coupled with an on trend element. This is the kind of dress that’s great to have on hand when you’re looking for an outfit that’s easy and fuss-free.

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How to change your shopping style for the better this year

13th January, 2022

If you’re coming to this site then it’s safe to say shopping is a solid part of your fashion repertoire. Shopping tips are one of the key things I’m always asked about! The thing with shopping is that if you don’t have the proper guiding principles in place you can often end up with items you don’t wear, wasting money that could go towards other purchases or simply end up with multiples of the same item. It’s happened to me and I know that it’s one of the key reasons behind frequent “I have nothing to wear” problems. The fact of the matter is, your closet isn’t working for you because some or all of your shopping strategy is letting you down. The things you’re bringing in aren’t working for the way you want to dress. So, it’s time to put a stop to it.

Over the years, I’ve managed my fair share of buyer’s remorse, or rather guiltily culled so much of my wardrobe only to realise just how much money I wasted, and also how wasteful it is to consume so much. So, I’ve tried to implement a few rules to help me shop smarter. And it has really helped as far as being able to pull together a more cohesive wardrobe. Here are a few of my most important shopping tips, the key things to consider before buying anything this year…


Plan your purchases

If you want to avoid impulse purchases or buyer’s remorse, it definitely pays to plan what you’re shopping for. Have a list that you constantly revisit and revise, so you can see what you should be looking to purchase. Being able to hone in on exactly what you need will help keep you on track. I always come back to my list so if I’m about to purchase something on a whim, it helps steer me back in the right direction.

Set a budget

Whether you shop monthly, bi-annually or every season, it definitely pays to have a budget in mind so you can keep yourself in check. If you have an idea of what your budget is, it helps to avoid excessive spending and will help you spend your shopping dollars in a smart way. This will help ensure that you have enough funds to buy the things that you actually need, as opposed to spending up big on things that largely won’t have longevity.

Ask yourself some key questions

I have a few key questions I always ask myself before I buy something. They’re questions I’ve devised over time and have really helped me to weed out the purchases I will be glad I made to the ones which I’ll be regretting in a few months’ time. The questions should be things that will help you determine the value of something to your existing wardrobe, and also just how closely it aligns to your fashion sensibility. I find when those two things are in check, you’ll never regret a purchase.

Resist anything that doesn’t feel right

There are times where you may see something on someone else, or you’ve fallen under the spell of something you’ve seen on sale and all of a sudden you get the urge to buy something—even if you have a tiny gut feeling that you might get over said item pretty quickly. Listen to that feeling! When you see something or try something on, it should automatically feel like a natural part of your wardrobe. Anything that requires convincing or strategising as to how to make it work, realistically, probably won’t.

Know what’s in your wardrobe

How many times have you bought something only to discover that you already own something similar? This is why it pays to do a stocktake of your wardrobe so you have a mental snapshot of what you already have. This is hugely helpful when shopping because you’ll know when to stop yourself from buying your 50th grey tee and direct your shopping budget elsewhere.

Do the overnight test

I always like to do this when I’m considering a big investment purchase. I’ll often revisit an item a few times before I consider adding it to cart both online and offline. When I’ve finally decided to take the plunge I’ll often sleep on it and if I’m still thinking about it the next day and set on buying it, that’s the time I’ll pull the trigger.